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The Best Westinghouse Food Dehydrator, Beef Jerky Maker, Food Preservation Device, Food Dehydration Machine, Dried Fruits and Vegetables Maker, Counter Top Small Kitchen Appliance, WFD100W

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Take Your Favorite Fruits And Vegetables And Turn Them Into Healthy, Delicious Snack With This Westinghouse Food Dehydrator. Set Up And Clean Up Is Easy And Then Just Let The Product Do The Rest. The 5, Removable Trays Can Be Set Up To Accommodate Both "Tall" And "Short" Fruits And Vegetables Simply By Adjusting How You Stack Them A Top One Another. A Drying Guide Is Included For The Novices To Food Dehydration But The Learning Curve With Be Quick And Easy.

User reviews

I bought this dehydrator not for dehydrating food (though I'm sure it would do that well), I bought it to dehydrate my 3D printer filament. I must say, it does a fabulous job! I did have to modify the trays slightly for the spools to fit. I must warn you though, you won't be able to return it after doing the modifications, so make sure it works first. As for the modification, all I needed to do was cut out the center of 3 trays. I put the two left over trays that I didn't cut on the bottom to allow for better air flow, then put the three other modified trays on top of those. Spool fits perfectly in the center. I used it to dry out some wood filled filament that had been sitting out, unprotected from humidity for 4 months, and now the spool prints beutifully. So if your a 3D printer nut like I am, and looking for a way to dry out filament, I would recommend this dehumidifier. And I'm sure it works well for dehydrating fruit as well.
I use it for drying filament. Wish it got a bit warmer, but at least I know it won't melt even PLA! Rather than chopping the trays apart to fit filament spools, I created item 2795773 on thingiverse which you might find useful.
I grew up with my mom making dried fruits and meats. I thought it would be a good idea to buy a dehydrator and try my hand at it. I mean, who doesnt want dried fruits for half the cost you can get at the store?!Unfortunately this dehydrator never seemed to actually do anything more than make loud sounds and blow Luke warm air. I had thinly sliced pineapples on 150 degrees for over 20 hours and they were still not dried.Going to return it and buy a better higher grade dehydrator.
I have used my Westinghouse WFD100W New Food Dehydrator, 280 about six times now and am so very pleased with my purchase.The unit looks just like the picture and is described accurately. So far I have only used it to dehydrate fruit (apples, pears, bananas, strawberries, and pineapple). I followed the recommended drying times included in the user manual and all have turned out terrific.I especially like the compact size, that it has two options for setting tray heights, and that it is very quiet while running.The only thing I am disappointed about is that no where does it state whether you can put the trays in the dishwasher; which I assume means that they are not to be. They recommend that the trays be cleaned with non abrasive neutral detergent. I have cleaned my trays in hot soapy water with a soft rag and it has cleaned up well.So overall if you are looking for a great basic dehydrator under $30 it will not disappoint!
Takes longer than described but that should be expected from a product in this price range. I use it for peppers and spices. it is well built and easy to clean. Very satisfied!
Living in a small apartment, storage space is at a premium. This dehydrator fits well into our cupboard and does the same (or better) job of making dried fruits & veggies. It works well for jerky, too. I highly recommend it.
Works very well. Dehydrates quickly and efficiently.
Machine works wonderful, but trays break super easy. Only had this for a couple weeks and one tray is completely broke and others are falling apart. Does dehydrate awesomely though!!

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