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The Best Waring WPB05 Professional Kitchen Blender, Chrome

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WPB05 Color: Chrome Features: -Simple 2-speed operation. -Commercially rated heavy-duty motor with 500 peak input watts. -Manufacturer provides 5 years limited motor warranty. Product Type: -Countertop Blender. Jar Material: -Glass. Lid Material: -Plastic. Dishwasher Safe: -Yes. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -15.5". Overall Width - Side to Side: -8". Overall Depth - Front to Back: -7". Overall Product Weight: -8.3 lbs.

User reviews

For twenty-eight years i have owned and used this style Waring blender to make fruit and ice smoothies. The one I bought in 1989 has worked great and still does to this day. So, having success with the impressive quality of my '89 Waring blender, I purchased this one because the old one is looking its age. What a mistake that was. The quality of the current version of this time-proven workhorse is downright atrocious.One has to wonder what the thinking is at a company that produces a quality product deciding to negatively fiddle with design elements that make for a quality appliance.They changed the design of the blade so now it is blunt and shaped such that it ineffectively chops ice. The previous design was sharp as a knife and simply chopped ice quickly. The lower base ring for the mixing jar is now molded so thin that it deforms in hand when it is tightened thereby making for poor compression of the seal. This base ring also fits extremely sloppy. There is a quarter of an inch of side to side movement in how it locates unlike the older model ring that does not deform and fits snugly to the motor base. The impeller drive now has only two points of contact with the rubber drive coupling where the older model has six points of contact. Seriously, this change has to be driven by planned obsolescence. As to the new motor design, this thing rattles like there are a thousand marbles loose in it. The older model sounds steady like it's ready for business.That's about it. Yet another fine American made appliance reduced to shadow of its former self. Waring ought to be ashamed and embarrassed.
I love the look and feel of this product, as I own an Oster that is similar. I did not want a plastic product. But I am lost. The original blender I ordered did not align easily on its base and when I called customer service I was not given any direction. Rather, she said "you aren't using frozen fruit are you?". While I hadn't, I thought that was a crazy comment, given that this blender is listed as a "commercial blender", and should be fine with ice and all frozen fruits. I requested a return and then immediately re-purchased the item only to find the second one with the exact design issue. I thought it was me- asked several friends to show me what I was missing...to no avail. In my opinion there is a serious design flaw with the alignment of the base to the top of the blender. I took a loss on the 2nd purchase and donated it to the Goodwill.
I had owned 2 of these blenders. The first blender lasted a few years and then the base started cracking and and ended up in my milk shake. I got rid of it and bought another one (from Amazon). It worked well for a while and then the other night we tried to make a shake and all this white chalky stuff came out on the sides of the blender. No idea what it was. I only use a blender about a total of 12 times per year. Did not want to invest in a more expensive one, but I will purchase a Breville. My daughter owns one and it is the best. We also have a lot of other Breville appliances, and they are the best.
I'm a big fan of waring blenders, but this one does not deserve even one star. I bought it in March 2014 and it no longer works after a few uses. This blender looks great, but is not the waring quality you'd expect. The chopping blade is encased is a soft plastic instead of metal.The toggle switch came completely off and the motor was struggling to chop up tomatoes, lemon juice and jalapeños. The motor got louder and louder and finally I turned it off after it started smoking. I finished my salsa in my old trusty waring blender I had for 15 years with no problems.Stay away for this particular model , this poor blender certainly does not live up to its lofty description as a pro professional bar blender, I was very disappointed.
I bought this because it looks great and has a 5 year warranty on the motor, all other brands of blenders I have used before had the motor burn out in a few years so this is a good deal, Waring is the only brand I saw with this kind of warranty.It looks great and works fine, crushed ice fast and evenly. But they need to redesign the jar base with a harder plastic and easier centering.Unfortunately the black base on the jar is a flimsy soft plastic, same as the lid, the jar sits loosely on the blender base and it would be easy to knock the jar off the blender and smash it. I had some difficulty getting the jar base screwed on perfectly well-centered, it also got jammed onto the blender base when I first used it and was hard to get it off again. The blender comes with a 1 year warranty on parts, I decided to purchase a 2 square trade warranty for parts in case anything breaks.
crushes ice like no one's business. i have one and months later, i bought my dad one. love that it is just 1 switch (off, low high) and that it is glass. commercial grade. highly recommended for hard jobs. for easy jobs, you can probably go w an immersion blender. i make my smoothies and pour into mason jars to store in the freezer so i don't have to use this every day
It is unnerving that people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for poisonous plastic blenders, when they could have a Waring for such an affordable price. Don't be one of those people! The Waring is dependable, well-built and perfectly simple.
Totally useless- poorly designed and constructed. My old Waring blender lasted 25 years. This blender won't even make pesto sauce like my old Waring blender did. We will probably toss it out.

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