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The Best Wancle SVC001 Sous Vide Cooker, Thermal Immersion Circulator, with Recipe E-Cookbook, Accurate Temperature Digital Timer, Ultra-Quiet, 850 Watts, 120V, Stainless St

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Sous Vide - Your Culinary Game Changer Sous vide is a method of cooking that makes it super simple to achieve professional-quality results at home. The immersion circulator utilizes accurate time temperature control to deliver super-juicy, flavor-packed meals, every time. Professional chefs and restaurants started to rely on this immersion circulator since 10 years ago. Why Choose Our Sous Vide Cooker? Cooking Meat and Seafood.The ability of sous vide cooking to accurately control the temperature of the water, and hence the food being cooked in it, it slowly cooks your protein from edge to edge, you can avoid both the drying out and overcooking of the meat; and Seafood.Tastier.Retain all the juices that provide flavor, this is why when you order steaks at a restaurant they are so moist, juicy and tender.Food Safety.Food that is cooked sous vide is pasteurized and safe from foodborne contaminants caused by biological pathogens.Consistently good results.Sous vide cooking avoids the need for you to time things just right. You can focus on another task, no more undercooked, chewy or burnt food.Great For The Multi­tasking Cook.Sous vide cooker allow you have a bigger window of time to play with if you are multi­tasking in the kitchen. Conventional cooking is much less forgiving.Waste reduction.Traditionally prepared food dries out and results in waste. Food cooked via cooking, loses none of its volume.Cooking Steps Are Much Easier Than You Might Think1.Attach your sous vide cooker to a pot, set the time and temperature according to your desired level of doneness.2.Put your food in a sealed bag and clip it to the side of the water pot. 3.Finish by searing, grilling, or broiling the food to add a crispy, golden exterior layer.Finish by searing, grilling, or broiling the food to add a crispy, golden exterior layer.

User reviews

I'd consider this more of a 3.5 star item. First, my experience: I currently own an Anova One, the original rocket launcher sized unit.Pros: this thing is affordable. I paid almost 3x the price for my Anova It's not very loud.the jog dial is very fast, so you can go from one extreme temp or time to the other.The clip to attach it to a pot/cambro has levels, which is niceit's short so it fits in smaller Cambro containers easily Fairly easy to use. Set temp, set time, hit start.It beeps twice when you first start the process. First when its 2 degrees to temp, then when its at temp. This is a great reminder.Cons: The cord sticks out the side at the top, so you cant really set this thing up anywhere on a cambro. In fact, you have to almost put it front and on the left.Accuracy of temp is a touch iffy. I've seen it fluctuate a fair amount. Not sure if that's because it polls the temp more than other units, or if the PID controller isnt as accurate. For most proteins this would be ok. For very touchy items, such as eggs, or very rare meats, I'd get a thermapen or similar. But that brings up the cost of ownership.You must set a temp and time, and it stops when its done. So I tend to set my cook times extra long and just set a timer on my phone. It's safer than having the cook stop while im out or otherwise occupied. My Anova unit can run without a timer.The jog dial is too fast. single clicks get you a tenth of a degree, but scroll a little and you're flying from 55c to 90c pretty quickly. Same for the timer. You go from 30m to 30h in a blink of an eye.I read the manual, but I haven't really seen a way to change the settings mid cook without completely redoing the setup. The interface is pretty awkward when it comes to that.You cant turn the unit off per se. You just plug it in and unplug it as needed.All in all, this thing is functional, but I would say it lacks refinement, even when compared to a much older Anova One unit. For me, this is a backup unit, that I would trust to cook vegetables, and anything that didn't require a precision to the degree cook (eggs, for example). I can also see this as a nice backup unit, and perhaps a travel unit. Again, it was a third of the price of the Anova.
The device feels very robust, it has a removable coil cover, it doesn't feel cheap. It uses grooves instead of silicon which can destroy itself over time. I think this machine will be here to stay. No gimmick wifi/blue tooth to worry about making the device obsolete in the next 1-2 yrs. So far so good, made 2 amazingly well cooked ribeye steaks and they came out fantastic. I highly recommend this model over some of the other ones. The build quality alone is worth it.
I have two other immersion circulators, but as I've been doing more long cooks I found myself looking to pick up a third, and I wanted to do it without spending a lot of money, when I saw people online talking about the Wancle. People had a lot of good to say about it, and when I saw that it had manual controls I was sold. Thats one thing I really disliked about one of my other devices was that I'd have to go through all the hassle of setting it up if I was using it away from my home. Not with the Wancle, it was just plug it in, and less than 30 second later the water was heating.It's quiet, and seems built very well, and I can see care was made to avoid moisture attacking the electronics as was the case with another of the units I have.Really, it seems to have the best of each of the other devices, and was considerably less expensive. Very pleased with my purchase.
This is what I call frugal cooking! The item is well priced and makes perfect sous vide meals, so I don’t need to: A- shop take out, B- invest in expensive machinery. It really made noteworthy meals, and did I mention healthy?? Love everything about it.
THIS SOUS VIDE IS AWESOME. We bought it for the price. It's true that if it's plugged in, it's on and there isn't an on/off button - with electronics I often look for less features since there is less to get broken, so this is OK by us. The Anova was reportedly wonky over longer cook times, and we had a brisket that needed to cook for several days before Christmas, and we chose this brand. THE BRISKET WAS EXCELLENT! We've also done a bunch of steaks. So far this is very reliable and the price is excellent. If you are wondering if the is worth it, it is! Once you own it, you'll use it all the time. I don't know if I'll ever cook meat any other way. It will never be as good as sous vide. I feel like this device already paid for itself and we've only owned it a few weeks. If it breaks (seems well made!) will update. Don't hesitate! Just buy this!!!
I'm new to Sous Vide cooking and was introduced to it by a friend. I have a freezer full of duck and goose breasts that require precise cooking. As I read more on this cooking style I became convinced that this might be the way to expertly control the cooking of my wild game birds. While shopping for my first cooker I cam across the Wancle unit at a great price. The early reviews were very positive and the company seemed interested in providing great customer service, so I ordered one. Well I hit a home run. Not only is the Wancle a great unit, that is very easy to use, but it cooks my wild duck and goose breasts perfectly. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Also I just received an email from Wancle containing the revised user manual, this should make everyone happy. I was also notified that the factory warranty has been extended to 2 years. Very pleased with my purchase.

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