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The Best Vremi Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies – Single Serve Small Mini Size Kitchen Appliance Heavy Duty Mixer – BPA Free Tritan Plastic 20 oz Sport Bottle Jar and Leak Proof Lid – White and Black

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Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; PERSONAL BLENDER for HEALTHY DRINKS - Single serve electric kitchen blender set with well-engineered system is ideal for quick crushing of fruits and vegetables and extracts vitamins and nutrients for healthy smoothies, shakes, baby food and more; POWERFUL MOTOR with TWIST LOCK OPERATION - Durable professional drink mixer comes with easy to operate 20 voltage 300 watt full copper quite motor base, good airflow, and suction feet. Simply push and turn the cup clockwise at the base to turn on; WITH STAINLESS STEEL BLADE ACCESSORIES - Heavy duty juicer and shaker machine features 4 sharp blades built into blenders blade cap to perfectly crush ice or chop apart seeds or nuts or a large range of fresh or frozen ingredients with stems or skins; TRITAN PLASTIC TRAVEL BOTTLE with LEAK PROOF LID - Comes with hand held 20 oz portable BPA free insulated Tritan plastic blender container cup that keeps temp colder longer, and leakproof seal and sip lids so you can take the travel jar on the go; SLEEK and SPACE SAVING DESIGN - Lightweight, retro and space saving smoothie combo maker measures approximately 13.5 inches high and 4.75 inches wide. Unplug and wipe base with damp soft cloth to clean. Bottle, lid and blade parts are dishwasher safe

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I’m on the road these days for business, which makes it very difficult to have my morning smoothie.At home I use a Blendtec. My go-to recipe is an apple, a banana, a handful of sunflower seeds for protein and fat, and about 2 cups of chopped kale, drowned in almond milk.I was afraid I was going to have to give up what I consider to be the healthy foundation of my diet. A little bit of research showed me this tiny but powerful little blender. None of the reviews backed up what the product description said – that it could blend vegetables.But the price was good, and I ordered, crossing my fingers.I am happy to say it does work as advertised.Given about 60 seconds, it will pulverize the above recipe, minus the banana. When the blending is done, I have room to add the banana, though sometimes I have to make a bit of room by pouring some in a cup, and then mixing it back after the second blend.No, it does not do as good a job as the Blendtec. But I would feel a little silly if I could do the same job with a $30 blender that I do with a $400 behemoth. The final product is a tiny bit crunchy, like homemade applesauce, with an occasional chewy bit of apple peel or incompletely demolished kale stem.This makes for a slightly different aesthetic, And purists might say that the food is not nutritionally accessible on the cellular level, the way it is with a professional level blender. It’s still way better than a make-it-yourself waffle at the hotel free breakfast buffet.When I factor in the difference between that level of granulation and carrying around the heavy, massive blender I’m used to, it’s an easy choice.This tiny blender weighs so little I have no qualms about packing it into my midsize travel case. It’s about twice the size as your average coffee grinder, and not much heavier.As for durability, I haven’t owned it long enough to say for sure. I will say it appears will need it, and even after several minutes of continuous running, the motor does not appear to be strained or overheated.I’ve given it four stars instead of five because the narrow handgrip design for the blender bottle is difficult to pack with greens, and if not rinsed out immediately would probably require packing a bottlebrush (wet and messy!) to clean completely.In fact, I drink my smoothie from a separate shaker bottle, specifically so that I can get the blending container clean, rinsing it immediately in a hotel sink.The blend-and-go drinking cap was in any event not even tempting, as it has a tiny little spout not much bigger than a sippy cup.Other than that, I’m thrilled with this product. I especially like the way the blades are easy to access and clean after use. They twist off with the container-cap, and are right there to wash when you’re done.A note of advice, for those used to making smoothies on their home machine, you have to pack this upside down from the usual order of assembly: greens go on the bottom (which will be the top when you’re blending), chunky stuff like apples go on the bottom. Otherwise, you’ll be blending a long time before everything gets mixed up.Also, you do have to cut fruit are much smaller than you will in a larger blender jar, because the container and its mouth are pretty small.All in all, a product which totally performs as desired for travel version, and well worth the price if it turns out to last me a year.Update: I am currently staying in a rental cottage with a good old fashioned Hamilton Beach counter top blender. This morning I used it because of the easier-to-load factor. After running the big machine for a full two minutes I have found that the Vremi out performs the household standard by a large margin. Today’s beverage is like drinking well-chewed kale in fruit nectar compared to the nearly uniform texture of the Vremi smoothie. I’ll be pulling that little portable back out of my suitcase.
This little blender is the perfect size for making my morning protein shake/smoothies frothy and perfect! It has had no problem mixing up all the fruit I've tried (bananas, berries, fresh pineapple, mango, etc). Even frozen fruit and ice cubes mixed up well! The blender was easy to use right out of the box. I love the mix and go convenience, and I like that the black/silver base fits in with the stainless steel appliances in my kitchen. A good value for the price!
This blender is my new favorite! I hate and I mean Hate having a lot of things on my counter. This blender is the perfect size that I don't mind leaving it out. Its great for morning smoothies. Its no Blendtec but works for my needs. I don't like a lot of ice and frozen fruit doesn't get 100% pureed but works for my needs. I use this blender 3-4 times a day for my protein shakes. The part I like most is its small and doesn't have a lot of parts and it's easy to clean.
This is just what I needed. It’s quick and easy. I get my ingredients, pop them in the up and start my blending. One I’m done I put my lid on and out the door I go. I love the fact that the blades are sharp and they don’t get jammed by frozen bananas.
I love this blender!!!! I am big smoothie person . And this blender makes smoothies on the go so easy. All you do is put your stuff in blend and then comes with a lid for your cup and you go. The product is amazing and if your looking for a great blender to use on the go this is the one for you !!
Pros:1. Quietest blender I've ever used. Remarkable.2. For as relatively low-powered as the motor is, seems to have no problem blasting through ice and chunky stuff.3. Easy to clean (even moreso than other similar products), and drinking cap actually works great.4. Very fine emulsification and doesn't leave anything unblended in the bottom (bottom = bottom while blending).Cons:1. ***The tapered bottle shape makes stuff get stuck in the top easily.2. The blade design also contributes to this problem - as a trade off.3. For the same reasons, generally poor with very thick mixtures - does not incorporate the top or mix well.4. No bigger blending vessel.5. Cheesy marketing stuff.Overall, it's a good blender and I'm pleased, but it's only suited for stuff that's quite liquidy, and if you plan on blending spinach, be ready to shake it and put it back in several times, because it will just stick to the container sides and not come down on its own. I would have easily paid an extra 15 bucks for one that had a fully straight-walled container and didn't have the sticking problem. They could add pieces on the outside for additional grip.
This is the perfect blender for at work. I freeze fruit and make smoothies. My coworkers thought I was crazy bringing a blender to the office but it’s quiet and does a great job. The packaging is also awesome. It says “the little blender that could.”
Ooooooh i love it!!!!! Now i have had a "regular" old school blender as well as a nutribullet. I love the lack of extra parts....blend, pour, clean. Nice! Nutribullet....i was always looking for the right lid, cup, blade....confusion. Takes up like NO counter space...although we have more counter space than we did when we had the bullet....meh. Still stands. Yes, this little baby does let you know if its working too hard...definitely not as strong as my past bullet and there are usually still pieces when i do greens...but not the fruit only ones. I have NOT nor do i plan to try this with ice. Frozen fruit, kale, cold milk? It's enough. Idk that I'd travel with my precious blender....not with five kids. (0-7)....but i could see this being a thing for the healthy loner or couple that travels. More power to you. All in all, for the person that wants to have a healthy smoothie but wont endure the hassle....get this. No excuse. Next to no mess. Mom approval.

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