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The Best Vremi Kitchen Shears, Kitchen Scissors for Meat Poultry Fish Herbs Nuts, Herb Scissors Set – Heavy Duty Easy Function Come Apart Multipurpose Culinary Scissors in Stainless Steel with Blade Covers

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You’ve got way more than cutting covered with this culinary shears set. Chop herbs, trim chicken, scrape fish scales, crack nuts, and pop open a bottle of wine while you’re at it: It’s easy with the Vremi Shear Genius Kitchen Scissors Set. Includes one pair of heavy duty, kitchen shears and one pair of 5-blade herb scissors in cool blue and green. Each pair comes with a matching blade case and built-in bonus features: The herb scissors case doubles as cleaning comb and the magnetic holder of the kitchen shears makes them safe for kids and easy to grab right from the fridge or any magnet rack with no slippage. Need to divvy up flatbread or slice up some cilantro? This pair cuts your prep in half like a professional. Just call yourself Head Chef Scissorhands.Product Details & Care

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