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The Best T-fal FR3900 Triple Basket Deep Fryer with Stainless Steel Removable Pot and Professional Heating Element, 4-Liter, Stainless Steel

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Prepare delicious fried food with this family-size T-fal FR390051 triple-basket deep fryer. The unit holds up to 4 liters of oil and comes with three stainless-steel frying baskets: two smaller baskets for creating two different batches of food at the same time and a single large basket for making one big batch. Ideal for donuts, french fries, onion rings, chicken wings, tofu, and more, the deep fryer's adjustable thermostat (175 to 375 degrees F) allows for selecting the proper cooking temperature for the specific food to be fried, while its oil-ready indicator light lets you know when oil has reached the correct frying temperature. To ensure professional, healthier results-crispy fried foods with minimal oil absorption-the deep fryer offers the ideal balance between oil and food capacity, and its immersion heating element expertly heats oil to the perfect temperature and quickly rebounds to the selected temperature for crispy fried food, batch after batch. Power and ready indicator lights make deep frying practically foolproof, and the deep fryer's stainless-steel removable bowl and dishwasher-safe fryer baskets make cleanup a breeze. Other highlights include brushed stainless-steel housing with a stainless-steel storage lid, and large heat-resistant basket, lid, and side handles for safe transport and use. The versatile T-fal FR390051 triple-basket deep fryer makes it easy to enjoy fried-food favorites with family and friends.

User reviews

I've had several deep fryers through the years and this is the best one ever! The immersion type heating element heats the oil fast and keeps it up to cooking temperature even with frozen foods. I used pure peanut oil for my first test frying with this fryer as I've have such good results using that oil in the past. It costs a lot more but is well worth it. My wife commented that the foods I cooked tastes as good as some better restaurants we go to.After the oil cooled, I just flipped the lever on the front and the oil was strained through the fine mesh stainless steel screen in the bottom of the stainless steel tank and into the plastic storage tank underneath.. There is a pour spout in one back corner of the plastic tank that makes it easy to pour the oil back into the jug it came in for storage. The plastic tank has a removable lid much like a Tupperware container making it easy to clean.Everything but the power cord and the heating element/control unit can go into the dishwasher! That right there is one of the best features ever. So, there isn't really much of a mess at all.The power cord is held on to the control unit with a magnet. I'm thinking it's probably a safety feature so if someone snags or pulls on the cord, it will just come off instead of dragging down the whole deep fryer.I think it's the one to own! Get yourself one!
I have kids with serious food issues/allergies. In order to cope with all of the things they cannot eat, we always eat at home and I always cook from scratch. As a result, I am always in the kitchen. I firmly believe in using the proper tool for the job whenever feasible so I purchased T-fal’s FR8000 EZ Clean 3.5 Liter Oil Capacity Stainless Steel Deep Fryer with Professional Immersion Heating Element and Unique Filtration System for deep frying things like French Fries, Chicken, bread and taco shells. This fryer replaced the old model of the same thing I had purchased in 2005 and worn out.WHAT IS IN THE BOX: The T-Fal deep fryer is a rectangular box shaped fryer with handles on either side. A fairly large rectangular stainless steel “box” holds oil and the removable heating element. An immersible stainless steel basket fits in the “box” over the heating element. The heating element attaches to a plastic unit which houses the electrical components and the knobs that allow the temperature to be set. Acting like a drawer under the stainless steel box is a plastic holding bin for oil after it goes through the filter when filtration has been utilized. A removable cord is also included as well as instructions.WHAT I LIKE: Everything on this fryer, except for the heating unit component (and the cord) goes into the dishwasher!!! This is absolutely awesome for keeping the fryer clean!!! I think everything should be dishwasher safe in the 21st century, yet too few things are. Great job T-Fal!!!The plastic storage bin for oil now comes apart (the lid lifts off). This is definitely an upgrade from the last model I owned. I discovered the lid on my last one was not removable when I stored some filtered coconut oil in the plastic holding bin in the winter and it solidified. I was unable to remove the oil until summertime. I am so glad to see this design change since coconut oil is the healthiest oil for frying and it is all I use. Now if I need to remove solidified coconut oil from the plastic holding bin, I can pop off the lid and scrape it into the fryer. It is much more hygienic to store oil in a closed container rather than the fryer “box” itself so I am grateful for the design change.This fryer holds a lot of oil and a lot of food. I can easily fry 2 potatoes worth of French fries per batch with no issues.I love the removable basket that can be hung on the side to drip. It looks like the ones seen in restaurants and functions the same way. Thus I am not dumping as much oil onto my plates with the food.It doesn’t take a ton of oil to fill this fryer. I bought 2 large bottles of coconut oil from Costco and it only took 1 ½ to fill the fryer. I can store and reuse the oil over and over and over with this fryer so I can use the healthiest oil and not feel like I have spent too much.The temperature readings on the dial are now etched into the plastic. On my last one the numbers were merely painted on and they came off within the first few months that I owned the fryer. I am glad T-Fal fixed this issue with their present version of the fryer.WHAT I DON’T LIKE: The actual frying space is not very deep. I tried to fry homemade tortillas into taco shells the other day in a mold that I own. I had to fry one side and then the other because I did not have the 3 inches of oil necessary to plunge the entire thing under the surface. I really think this fryer could be deeper. A couple more inches of frying space depth would make this a 5 star appliance.The cord falls out of the fryer too easily. I suppose it is a safety feature, but it is a pain in the neck.I purchased T-fal’s FR8000 EZ Clean 3.5 Liter Oil Capacity Stainless Steel Deep Fryer with Professional Immersion Heating Element and Unique Filtration System at full price and am reviewing it of my own accord. All in all, I think it is a great fryer and would definitely recommend it.
 Everything preforms just as well as i hoped! My video will shows you everything you need to know about this deep fryer (there is a 4K version of it on youtube as well)
This fryer will solve basically every problem you have with frying. I hated frying because of the huge mess. This fryer is so easy to clean just use it and then put it all in the dishwasher. It doesn't get grease all over the counter either. The only piece that can't go in the dishwasher is the heating element part which cleans off easily in the sink. The features work as described the oil filtration works well and creates no mess. The fryer it self performs flawlessly I have fried frozen foods straight from the freezer, doughnuts, chicken etc.Update 6/1/15Fryer gets used at least once a week and is still going strong no complaints!
WOW Used it 4 times then the metal ring that holds the drain in broke from the heat. Hot oil ran all over the Kitchen and on the floor. Thank God there were no kids here today. This is a bad SAFETY ISSUE ...I will be calling the Maker about this ticking Hot oil bomb....What a messUpdate: Great customer Service from T-fal - I'll have a new Pan in 2 to 3 weeks. Had to send them a picture so here it is. When this retainer ring breaks the oil runs out of the pan so keep a eye on it when you clean the pan.

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