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1.Open your Sushi bazooka and lightly oil the inside. Wet your hands to help handle the rice better. Make sure the plunger rod is sitting in the screw thread position. Pack 1/2 cup of Sushi rice mixture into one half of the sushi bazooka and repeat with another 1/2 cup into the other half, again making sure the plunger rod is in the screw thread position. 2.Lift out the plunger rod and lay it in the center of one half of the rice.Press firmly down, making sure that the end plate is in position at the screw thread end.Repeat for the other half. This will provide a neat, straight groove. Lay your ingredients into the grooves. 3.Replace the plunger into the thread end in the screw channel with the end plate against the end of the thread. 4.Gently close the two halves together, starting at a 45º angle. 5.Clip the latches shut. Fit the end cap by lining up the marks and make sure it is secure by twisting to lock in place. 6.Hold the sushi bazooka in one hand and turn the plunger knob until the mark on the rod is reached (approx. 5 full turns). This will compress the rice mixture to the right consistency. 7.Twist the end cap to unlock and remove the cap. On a bench or tabletop, place a nori sheet glossy side face down with the longest edge closest to you. Push the plunger right through. Position the newly formed rice roll on to the nori sheet. 8.Roll up the nori sheet. Wet the nori sheet at the joining end with a little water to ensure that the overlap sticks. 9.To give the roles a neat shape, use a bamboo sushi mat. 10.To allow the nori sheet to soften, leave for 15 minutes before slicing. Moisten the blade of a sharp knife with water. Slice through. Wipe the blade of the knife clean after each cut. Using the cutting former will make the individual sushi evenly shaped and professional in appearance. .

User reviews

This Sushi Bazooka is GREAT!!!!! My order arrived right on time. The picture instructions are VERY easy, and on the box. Making Sushi was SIMPLE!!! Just follow the picture instructions with your ingredients and suddenly, Perfect SUSHI! The Bazooka detaches for easy cleaning and can store back in it's box. VERY SATISFIED!!!!
I recently received my Sushi Maker Bazooka and decided to use it today. This little tool really works wonders! It makes perfect sushi rolls and it is so easy. I never thought making sushi would be so simple. Just fill the tube with rice, add your favorite fillings, close it up, and push it out. Easy as 1,2,3. It is easy to clean too! Will definitely be using this on a regular basis.
The instructions were easy to understand, and follow. My girlfriend loved It! Ofcouse she can't help it. She like sushi. This time helps us enjoy sushi even more! Try it!
Product arrived quickly, in perfect condition and is highly efficient at making perfectly rolled sushi.

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