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The Best SUPER SHARP!! 6 Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Block Set – 8″ Chef, 8″ Bread, 8″ Carving, 4½” Utility, 3½” Paring, Knives, & Stand – Best Gift, By Stone boomer. (6 piece silver handle)

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Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; EVERY KNIFE YOU NEED! This 6 pc. set includes 8" chef, 8" bread, 8" carving, 5" utility, & 3.½" paring knives for food prep and serving. & acrylic stand, for beautiful chef gadgets kitchen & baking cookware collection.; HIGH QUALITY, Our knives are made to meet the demands of the pros it is premium stainless steel, a metal that will never tarnish, rust or corrode, - All blades are made with strong heavy duty restaurant grade # 430 stainless-steel, - our sets comply with certification from FDA, LFGB, SGS for the home and commercial use.; EASY TO HANDLE & MAINTAIN, Our classic lightweight knives is Tapered handles fit perfectly in your hand to maximize control and ensure comfort when you're cutting, slicing, mincing and chopping fruit, meat, sushi, and salad dish and all foods & cakes. - These knives and handles are a solid one piece design. Never worry about the knife will crack or break like plastic, glassware, wooden, color, and ceramic deba knifes, or coming apart.; MODERN DESIGN, With our professional, nice modern glass knife block on your counter will will make your mornings easier and brighter, - plus with our beautiful design box is it ready to be gifted, for great wedding, hostess, BBQ or culinary school gift. even better, gift it to yourself - you deserve it!; FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE With your order, you'll receive a watermelon slicer at no extra charge!

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Sleek, Light, Modern, durable.In the past I have bought kitchen knives that reviewers swore to be 'Beyond Sharp'. I always ended up laughing to myself when I would go to slice a tomato and end up mashing it instead.These knives are wonderful. Sharp and effective, not perfect but sufficient balance to them.I'm fairly confident I will never use the watermelon slicer, the logic in its design seems overly thought to the point of being more complicated to use than slicing watermelon should be. Nevertheless, it was a 'free' bonus so I'm not complaining.The kitchen is 'my room' and it's tools and equipment that end up making a home there are only ones that suite my specific palate.It looks great on the countertop.Like all kitchen tools, don't leave these soaking in warm soapy water because your to lazy to clean them as soon as your done.If they rust, you have mishandled them and perhaps deserve to cut your tomatoes with a rusty knife.
This knife set is a great deal! Looks super modern and streamlined and the knives are really sharp.
I received these knives quickly. All are one piece stainless with NO glued on handles. Very sharp which makes food prepping much easier. I actually discarded several old knives after receiving these. Recommended to any who wants a good set of knives.
Picked up 2 sets one for me and I sent one to my son at college. Space saver rack. Knives are very sharp! Wish I would have ordered a larger set that included steak knives,
The knives are sharp and work well, but I didn't like the plasticky handles. They look cheap and they are a bit slippery. I sent this set back and got from the same seller the set twin to this one, but with metal handles. Love them.
Who makes the back edge of the knives sharp? All through my life I have used variety of knives and I had never seen one which has other edge than cutting edge, as sharp. The upper edge is not nicely done and it ends up getting into index finger if you are used to put index finger on the top close to the grip. I have had this for about a month now hoping that I will get used to it but I endup bleeding my index finger most of the times. It only looks good on the counter due to sleek design but knive design is not satisfactory
I've used these knives a little bit and I like them. These seem just a tad on the light side, and they did not come with a really sharp edge, but they are nice for the price, and I'm pretty confident that I can put a good edge on them with my stone.. they are just what I needed for my small kitchen, and would be great for a student, single person, etc. No big wooden block, just the very necessary few knives to make my kitchen a pleasure to work in. I would recommend these knives and I'd buy them again...
this was a good buy.very sharp. got rid of all the other knives

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