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The Best Sous Vide Immersion Circulator, Precise Sous Vide Cooker, ACRATO Portable Kitchen Appliance with Precise Temperature Timer LCD Display , ETL&FDA Approved, 1000 Watts, Stainless, Resuable Free Sous Vide Bags Kits Included, Perfect for Food Cooking

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We ACRATO Sous Vide immersion circulator is the perfect kitchen appliance for hands-off cooking of vegetables, meat and much more with consistent control and precision. Easy to operate and portable.

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 Bought this immersion circulator for my kitchen. It works great. I can easily turn the meat into a tasty, fork-tender masterpiece with it. Easy to operate.
The opening of these bags are very wide compared to other bags where the zipper ends and leaves you with a smaller opening than the bag. I have bought multiple brands and these will be great for large items and for marinating food in. The bags are a good thick quality. Can’t wait to use these while at home or while camping !! I did a test run and the bag stayed sealed very well it full and with a smaller item.
These work well with my sous vide cooker. My biggest issue in the past with regular zipper bags was the inability to really get the air oit and finding my food floating above the water. These are easy to remove the excess air and therefore remain submerged making my sous vide work better.
These are convenient to use after you open food and don't cook and use it all. It really makes for easy storage and is versatile for sous vide or using a vacuum sealer or even using by itself. Im shopping around for a sous vide and a vacuum sealer so I'm really looking forward to using both going forward.
I bought these because I’m tired of spending money and hurting the environment with flimsy plastic bags. These are sturdy and useful! The clip that comes with it makes it easy to use! I can’t wait to try cooking with them too!
These are great bags. I like how fresh everything is even after being frozen. I use these in my refrigerator to store fresh veggies and meat to keep fresh longer. Happy customer
These work great. They help the food to cook perfectly
Works great with my sous vide cooker. The bags are sturdy and the food cooks good in them.

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