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The Best SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker, Carbonator Not Included, Black/Silver

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The Soda stream® Jet is perfect for the sparkling water drinker who carbonates frequently and values convenience. This is the only machine that is compatible with the 60L CO2 cylinder and the 130L CO2 cylinder, allowing the consumer to maximize their carbonation capabilities. Simply twist and lock the bottle into the machine, and carbonate by pumping the textured push button control.

User reviews

There has been some good advice written about maximizing carbonation with the Sodastream Soda Maker. Much of it involves the use of cold water, and proper addition of flavor media afterwards.I've been carbonating water by various methods for several decades, and another factor for maximum CO2 absorption onto water involves not only cold water, but patience. Dispensing CO2 up to or exceeding 3 buzzes, as mentioned in Sodastream instructions is wasteful, but keep in mind that Sodastream is in the business of selling CO2 and flavors.I keep a 2 liter bottle of water in the fridge, so my water is always cold enough. I dispense CO2 up to a single buzz, then walk away. If you immediately remove the bottle from the unit, you will lose pressure that needs to remain to allow more CO2 to absorb into the water. The longer you wait, the more absorption, the greater the level of carbonation, and the better the savings on CO2 use. Actually, I place the entire unit into the fridge so it remains cold while it is absorbing. About 30 minutes makes enough of a difference so that you can conduct an impressive chug and belch session, should you desire. The level of carbonation with only one Buzz is that good - as long as you wait a little.I've also read comments from several cheapskates and pennypinchers contending that they get more thrifty results from refilling paintball cartridges at Dicks, The Paintball Palace or somesuch sporting goods outlets.While cheap may be the name of the game, those of you dreading GMO's, artificial sweeteners, nasty chemicals leaching from old soda bottles, global warming and other horrors, Take Note: CO2 made for paintball guns needs to be only pure enough to launch a paintball downrange. It's not food or medical grade gas. You're not gonna eat that paintball. This means that the oil used in the CO2 compressors and distribution equipment ain't what you want to eat. Ingesting an unknown, non-food grade compressor oil ain't what I'd want to bank on for long-term health and safety.You wouldn't get granny's oxygen tank refilled at the local welding shop (or would you?) so why drink trace amounts of some potentially nasty lube not intended for consumption? And "it hasn't killed me yet" isn't a valid excuse. Safety is preemptive and not reactive.
I received the SodaStream for Christmas and was very excited! However, I was about to return it because I didn’t think it worked properly. Thank goodness for the Amazon videos listed for this product. The instructions for use of this machine that were included with the box are TERRIBLE. They lack important details on how to use the machine properly. I went on Amazon to return the product when I came across customer videos. After watching the first video, I was able to get a clear understanding of exactly how the machine works. For example, the bottle needs to be twisted into the machine; and the length of time needed to hold down the carbonation button and the sound to hear when you know it is complete; AND that you should let the bottle sit for a few minutes before taking it off the machine. NONE of these three examples were listed on the poorly written instruction card that SodaStream provided!
OMG.. I love this machine.. I love soda but i know it not good for me or my family so I finally decided to get it and it AMAZING!!!! I usually get the light cranberry juice from the store - half water half juice and woala - amazing cranberry soda..SOOOO GOOD! or we make home made lemonade and use that.. hmmmmmm CARBONATION!!!!!
I have had this product for under a year. I've made sure to hand wash the bottle (never putting it in the dishwasher). Today the bottle blew up all over me and the kitchen. If there is a safety release valve, it did not work. I looked online and this has happened to a number of people.
We drink a lot of seltzer in my household, and used to buy Costco-sized crates for consumption. To save money, I ordered the SodaStream in order to carbonate water at home. The product is very simple to use: insert carbonator, pour water into the bottle, screw on, and press the button a few times until you can hear a loud noise of the excess gas. We usually do this about 3 times, for maximum carbonation. We go through several bottles a day.Replacing the carbonator is also a very easy procedure. Luckily there is a Staples a 15-minute drive from my house, so about once a month I bring in the empty canister, and have it replaced for around $17 (including tax). This has been a huge money-saver, and an excellent purchase.The sample flavor packets included in the box were decent, but very sugary. My family and I don't really drink soda though so after trying them we have not had to purchase any more. For those interested in flavored carbonated water, I have seen replacement packs in most major grocery stores.
Where has this thing been all my life? It took a little bit to get up to speed with it and I had some disappointments before I got the hang of it, but now I would never go back to pre-bottled sparkling water and Soda. Much more crisp carbonation if you do it right. I always fill the bottles up with water and put them in the refrigerator overnight so they are both cold and I also refrigerate any of my flavors that I use. I also leave it sitting for at least 15 minutes after I charge it and if there is room in the fridge I set the whole unit in there. That seems to keep it from losing too much carbonation when you mix the flavors in.The SodaStream flavors however? They suck...especially the Dr. Pete. I get the Diet Dr. Pepper syrup in the box. It's less concentrated than the Dr. Pete, but you can experiment and find the amount that's right for you. I don't like things very sweet as a general rule so I only use 1 1/2 Dr. Pete measuring caps in mine. Most people use a lot more.
The carbonation seems slightly different than that of a regular Coke. The CO2 cartridge costs $15 for a replacement or 30 for a brand new tank and the soda mix costs around $6 so there is no huge savings. It does get me using a lot less plastic bottles though.

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