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The Best Sodastream 60L Co2 Carbonator, 14.5oz, Set of 2

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SodaStream Carbonators are made of lightweight aluminum to exacting standards set forth by the US Department of Transportation. The highest quality standards are maintained to ensure safety and purity of the CO2 refills. Soda Stream 60-Litre Carbonator.

User reviews

Works as required... I guess if you don't store it properly (as with any compressed gas cylinder) you may have some leakage. Be sure and read the warnings.But my favorite part is being able to take an empty cylinder to my target, where I can exchange it for a new, CO2 filled cylinder for around $15.Technically that about 25cents/Liter... But I'm getting around 40-45L of carbonation from one 60L canister. That's still around 35cents/L...and ZERO plastic bottle in a landfill. If I continue to exchange canisters, then I will be recycling those as well.Yes, please... I'll have more club soda in my drink 🙂
Just so you know - you can trade the used cannister in at Target or Walmart customer service and for around $16 get a new filled container.Other than that - it does the job for which it is intended. Personally, I have switch from flavored carbonated waters and now just drink carbonated fresh water. Will have to calculate whatever savings are achieved but for now - just what I needed.
The vendor that provided the soda stream canisters provided canisters that made the beverage taste very moldy. I made sure I cleaned the unit very carefully as per the instructions from the SodaStream makers and sanitized the device and bottle to be sure, use the canisters again and the beverage still tasted very moldy. I had someone check on them and in fact was told when the canisters were refilled, the equipment wasnt cleaned and therefore product a moldy like taste. I had to ditch them and purchase one right from the store and all was well. I couldnt understand why I was getting so sick from drinking it, now it made sense.
These 14.5 oz Co2 bottles are perfect and can be refilled for about $15, and for much less if you want to get creative. I recently picked up a Sodastream Genesis. The unit came with a small starter Co2 bottle, I purchased these bottles to have extra Co2 on hand.The only thing I dislike about this Co2 bottle is that the label is a bit misleading, in that "60L Co2" is large on the label and most prominently displayed whereas the actual weight of the content is listed at the bottom. That 60L is the amount of water it "might" carbonate, not the amount of Co2 inside. You "might" get 40L to 70L worth of carbonation, it all depends on your use. The actual amount of Co2 is 14.5 oz. Just something to be aware of.The soda machine I use can accommodate the .5L bottles which tends makes the Co2 in these last longer. The (maybe available - check your machine's specs) .5L liquid bottles are handy. I can take one or two to work If I want, no problems, less waste, drink from the bottle. The 1L bottles are a little too large to be carrying around for lunch.I would recommend this to a friend, the price I got on Amazon was close to the best price of "in store pickup". Refills are done locally so you may never need to buy any more of these bottles, just refill/reuse them.
the best purchase that I had made was buying the Sodastream. Saving a lot of money not purchasing bottle sodas. I can control the sugar intake. I can also get saltzer water when I want it.
I was buying 3-4 cases of sparkling water a month. I thought Sodastream saw a good idea at first. However..... The replacement tanks are pricey, but still were saving me about 40-50% over the bottles. Not a great savings, but okay.But the real problem is this. My Sodastream kit came with 3 bottles. After 5 months of use I am finding that the bottles don't hold the pressure very long. I assume the rubber gasket in the caps were wearing out, so I have tried over-tightening. This does not seem to work. I will use up the 3 tanks I have, and switch back to buying bottled sparking water.
Absolutely perfect carbonated soda, easy to use and the flavors are right on exact copies of national brand soft drinks. No more buying bulky two-liter bottles that go flat before they're gone, or amassing huge quantities of empty cans to lug back to the recycle center for your nickel deposits! No more settling for non-carbonated mixes because the bubbly stuff is too much trouble. And best of all, if you do your research on line, you'll find that carbonated drinks are not bad for you! I love my Soda Stream!
Too expensive but I like the water. We have good local water so the carbonated version is very good.

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