The Best Sideclick Remotes SC2-FT16K Universal Remote Attachment for Amazon Fire TV Streaming Player – 2018

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Slim universal remote attachment for Amazon fire TV streaming player.Sideclick is compatible with IR remotes.; Control the basic functions of your tv, receiver, sound bar, blu ray and Amazon fire TV all-in-one; Easy to program using ir learning technology (learns from your existing device's remote); Sideclick's patent pending clip-on design allows you to maintain fire tv's voice search; Amazon fire TV player remote not included;Compatible with Echo Voice Remote

User reviews

I don't write reviews often but I'm thrilled about this little gizmo. I'm a tech junkie and since I saw this concept I've been dying to try it. The remote is more durable than I thought, its seamless with the remote as seen in the image; the only thing to get used to is the extra width since it adds about 3/4ths of the remotes original thickness.The programming was fairly easy, it took about 1 minute after I realized which buttons I wanted; very cool and simple. Definitely great not to have to look for the other remote to control volume and power, the convinience is just great.The price is ehhh.. look considering the design and function, it's worth it. This isn't a cheaply designed poor material built design; it looks like it took time to get a precise and seamless fit, the housing holds 2AA batteries which are included, that was great to see; ready to use right out the box.There you have it, my first review in 2017 and just because this product IS something that makes a daily difference, I highly recommend it.
Just recently ditched DIRECTV and switched to the Fire products. It is a hassle to use one remote for power and volume and the Fire remote for everything else and constantly switch back and forth. These Sideclick remotes are the perfect solution. You DO NEED your existing remote to configure these, so have them handy. I programmed a brand new Samsung and a six yr old Element so I'm confident they can program whatever you have too.
I recently cut the cord and quit using DirecTV after 11 years. I switch to using the Fire TV with the DirecTV Now streaming service. It was a great switch and I have not looked back. My biggest complaint was the Fire TV remote was not able to control the volume on my sound bar and was not able to turn my TV or sound bar on or off. The Sideclick remote was exactly what I needed. I was able to program the remote to control power and sound level, along with change the input on the TV.Pros: Works extremely well, connects to the Fire TV remote easily, reduces the number of remote you need to useCons: Is kinda bulky compared to the normal Fire TV remote, requires separate batteries, must have old remotes to program the Sideclick
The fit and finish is pretty good. I wish it did have a few more options as far as buttons. I have had some issues with the remote about a week after receiving it it was 50-50 on whether or not I would get any response out of the buttons. I used the trick of looking at the IR transmitter through my phone since digital cameras can see that spectrum of light I noticed sometimes that the transmitter would be constantly on and very dim that was when I was receiving no response sometimes I could play with the buttons and cycle through the different buttons to get it to start working and sometimes I would have to remove the batteries and reinstall them and I have even replace the batteries with brand new batteries thinking the ones provided or possibly bad and still the issue persists. I may send ot back .
Works great....My SetupI've cut the cord and using Playstation vue on Fire TV with local channels on a antenna.0-TV power+-Volume up on Bose surround (I couldn't get it programmed with bose remote but had another it worked from)- Volume down Bose^- Channel UP TV\/-Channel Down TVo-TV input - To switch from Antenna to Fire TVA- Turn on Bose surroundB- Move down on input screenI do wish the A B button was so you can switch between 2 sets of codes but it is not. A few more buttons to program would be great, maybe next model.
If you have a FireTV stick or box or a roku these side clicks are great. 8 programmable buttons (programmed all 8 in 90 secs with ease) No more tracking down 3 remotes (TV, sound bar, fire stick). Comes with a bracket customized for your remote type (no universal BS) straight from amazon. (Roku bracket is ordered separately I believe)If anyone has suffered from the terror of toddlers making off with 1 of your remotes leaving you without sound this is the way to fly.Thank you for this product! It was clearly well thought out. Being in IT people often ask me for personal technology recommendations, but I usually try to avoid it lest I be stuck supporting it.You are the first product in 5 years I actually made a legitimate post on Facebook talking about how greatly this item performs its intended purpose. Flawless execution!Comes with side click, battery, brackets for fire tv and fire stick remotes (voice/non voice) and some clever packaging.
Got so sick of having all the remotes on my bed and looking for the one I need. Bought this to try after sending back a universal remote that was almost 300 dollars. Had no patience to try and figure that thing out. This is simple to set up and use. I have it programed to turn the TV on , Sound bar and my electric fireplace TV mantle . All good now.
This is such a good idea.I have 3 separate remotes, one for my TV, one for my soundbar and one for my Amazon fire stick and I HATED having to keep track of and use all three at once.With the sideclick I have one remote to control all 3 and I am so happy. This is a great product, includes batteries (Thanks!) and has well designed packaging. Programming is very easy, just read the included instructions as the programming is not the same as most other universal remotes.

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