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The Best Oster CKSTWF2000 Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel

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Oster CKSTWF2000 Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel. Stainless housing; Adjustable temperature control for light and fluffy or crispy waffles. Nonstick cool touch handles. Power on and ready indicator lights.

User reviews

I should preface this review with the fact that I absolutely LOVE waffles, and that I've never had a waffle maker before- In fact, for my entire adult life, I've walked past waffle makers in the store and never considered buying one. I felt that wafflers were for "other" people. People with money and great kitchens and Saturday brunches. Surely not for me. But, one day several months ago, we were wandering down the waffler aisle and I told my men- Husband & 2 boys- that I wanted a waffle maker for Mother's Day. Now, my husband is not a fan of waffles or shopping. So, Mother's Day arrived and I was presented with instructions to "Pick out any waffle maker [I] want!" But I'm pretty cheap, so I picked this one.My waffler arrived exactly on time, which was awesome- but the FedEx man seemed oddly disturbed by my outward display of appreciation. (I know I'm not the only one who does the Amazon Delivery Happy Dance while the delivery guy's still on the porch.)I opened the box and immediately read the instructions, which seemed pretty straightforward. I cleaned the hotplates with a damp cloth and then wiped them with a bit of vegetable oil on a napkin. Then, I made waffles.And I haven't stopped making waffles.I'm eating one right now.Here are some specks:-The waffle maker gets hot. Be careful.-Some reviews say that the lid is loose- OF COURSE it's loose; it needs to be able to slightly rise as the batter slightly rises. Come on.-The instructions call for 3/4 cup of batter, but I found that just over 1/2 cup works best for minimal seepage. Maybe 2/3 cup.-The instructions also call for a 3-5 minute bake time, I've found this to be true. Also watch for when steam stops billowing out & there's just a thin stream of steam. (You can open the lid to check after about a minute, when the top crust is sealed. You can stick a fork into a thick of the waffle to check for doneness.)- When the temp is set right in the middle, the inside of the waffle is done just in time for the outside to be slightly crispy.-The waffles aren't Belgians, but they're not toaster-waffle-thin, either. Right in the middle.-The cinnamon roll thing works. We had them for breakfast. OM to the G.-If your waffler begins to get sticky, clean it well, make sure it's dry, and re-wipe with a bit of oil. (Re-season it)****I'm sure this waffle maker won't last for years and years. Maybe I'll upgrade to a sturdier, more expensive model eventually. But the price was right for this one. I recommend it.Here's a recipe:Preheat waffler to middle setting.Sift together:2 cups flour3 tsp baking POWDER1/4 tsp salt1-2 tsp cinnamon (Optional, of course, but come on.)In a different bowl, mix:2 whole eggs1/4 cup oil1 1/2 cup milk (anything heavier than whole milk, like cream, will make a heavier waffle)3 Tbsp sugar (I use 1 white & 2 brown)Vanilla to taste (I use 1 tsp)add the wet ingredients to the dry slowly while mixing with a fork.Pour 1/2- 2/3 cups batter in the middle of the waffle and bake 2-4 minutes.Easiest removal of waffles is with a fork poked into the side & with a slight twisting motion.Throw some chocolate chips on that bad boy & cover him with maple syrup.Enjoy
1. I read the reviews on this waffle maker and clearly a lot of people who write reviews don't read instructions. It's coated with Teflon and nothing will stick to it providing you "season" it prior to the first time uses - as you should do with all Teflon coated pans, etc.2. You're buying a Teflon coated product so anything cooked in it will have a typical type texture that Teflon provides. If you want a very crisp outside texture then you need to spend a couple hundred dollars for a cast iron unit. The waffles have the type texture as you would see with those waffle makers at hotels who provide them with their continental type breakfasts they have.3. The green light is not a timer light. It's an indicator light letting you know it reached it's chosen temperature. "You" need to decide on how hot you want it and how long to cook it to your desire. Like any type oven or cooker the indicator light will shut off and on as the heater elements maintain the selected temperature.4. The cover is clearly designed to be lose and not because it's going to fall apart. Larger hinges with a small shaft through it allows room for the power cord to go through to the top section inexpensively for the manufacturer. Some wiggle in the cover also allows you even out the waffle mix if you puddled it some - just wiggling the top to even it out. It also allows the waffle to expand some as it rises during cooking. If you want a little thicker waffle stop pushing down on the top.5. My unit cooked evenly and browned more the longer I left it in. Time wise it's no longer to cook than a pancake. If it's not cooking evenly be sure it's preheated long enough for the heat to distribute evenly throughout the cooking surface. Let it heat up a little longer after the green indicator light comes on if need be.6. For $20 I got a gadget that heats up, doesn't stick and looks like a waffle - Isn't that what it's suppose to do?
I was a little hesitant on buying this just because it was the cheapest, but I've been really happy with it. There are no real fancy features and it doesn't tell you when the waffle is done, but it doesn't really need to. If you just like waffles sometimes and have a general idea of how long they take to cook, this will be great for you!
I love this waffle maker! It has made such an improvement in the convenience of preparing breakfast before work, which is something I think most of us can appreciate. I like to eat Kodiak Cakes for breakfast because they are AWESOME for the calorie-conscious. BUT making pancakes every morning was getting old, and having to wash the pan between uses was annoying. So I purchased this waffle maker in hopes that it would streamline the process, which it definitely did! I plug it in and it heats to medium heat in less than a minute (the green indicator light will illuminate next to the "Ready" label). I combine 1/2 cup mix, 1/2 cup water, and a tablespoon of olive oil and spread on the waffle iron (helps if you fill from the outside first). My waffle mix says that the waffles are ready when the waffle iron quits steaming, so I wait for that (typically about 4 mins) and then give it another 30-60 seconds to make sure my waffle is crisp. I remove the waffle, unplug the iron, and let it sit open until it's cool. No cleanup of the iron is necessary! It's so EASY, and allows me to make healthy, delicious Kodiak Cakes in less than 10 minutes!*Make sure to follow the directions on the iron and grease before first use. I have used consistently for about two weeks and have not had to re-grease yet.
It makes great waffles which don't stick to the iron. It heats up very quickly, and overall performs the functions you'd expect of a waffle maker. I will say that I've been trying to teach it to be self aware, and that hasn't worked.

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