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The Best Oster CKSTSTMD5-W 5-Quart Food Steamer, White

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Great for families, this double-tiered food steamer by the Oster brand combines countertop convenience with healthy options for home-cooked meals. The unit's steaming bowl offers a 5-quart capacity, while its 2 transparent steaming bowls make it possible to see the progress of your food.

User reviews

THIS is an improvement on the previous model? Uh, not even close.During my first use, this "steamer" had not produced enough steam to fog the sides of the lower level within 10 minutes. After 15 minutes, a bit of steam began to be apparent on the lower tier, but the top tier was still completely steam free. I kept putting my ear next to the base to make sure it was working and even went so far as to lift the tiers (after 15 minutes) to view the heating unit/steam production. It was minor at best. Based on the same, this steamer is a toy/joke compared to the previous model. Also, the plastic tiers are made of much thinner/flexible plastic and feel/likely are much cheaper as a result.The previous version of this steamer was larger, made of better plastic, and started steaming almost immediately. I used to cook everything in it and loved using it (even if it could be a #$%@! to clean). The vegetables I attempted to steam tonight (broccoli and cauliflower) would have been done in 15 minutes with the previous steamer and this baby hadn't even gotten all of the lower tier's vegetables warmed up.Too bad, really. I like the space-saving design, the metal warming unit, and the easy-to-add-time dial. Unfortunately, these improvements are lost in comparatively poor performance, cheaper materials, and obviously MUCH longer cooking times.
I notice after I receive the product that it doesn't say BPA-free. So, I went to company website and checked, and it confirms that it is not BPA free.
l like to start the day with veggies and this makes it so easy. I have to have my vegetables cooked for dietary reasons so I keep small bags of cleaned cut veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, okra, squash etc) in the frig and drop them in this steamer with a cup of water even before I make coffee. I took 1 star off because the 2 plastic tubs seem so thin and flimsy. Maybe they are just flexible. Time will tell.
I bought this to steam vegetables to purée baby food for my kid. I open up the instructions and a paper falls out that reads "this product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm." After searching online I learned that there's bpa in this, which it's effects would be seen in babies and the heat would further aggravate. I'm so annoyed because this should've been clear in the description online instead of wasting my time. I don't feel comfortable prepping my child's food in something that could cause issues for them. Seriously just steer clear
This steamer has been great. Just the right size for our family of 3 could feed more but definitely has helped me present a fresh vegetable at every dinner even burger night is now with a side of carrot s or sometimes i cook my frozen in steamer to reduce microwave exposure. So i would not over think this purchase. I do hand wash the bins just to keep them from vracking in dish washer just to be safe but theyclean up easy and no real effort is needed.
Arrived on time. Works well for small amounts of food but not large chunks like fish filets or medium chicken breast as it covers the steam holes. It works better if you use the double tiered feature with the bottom one empty as it helps the heat more evenly distribute. Also if you fill the water reservoir to the "fill" line it will bubble and rise into your food, to help that I fill it only half way and adjust as needed. Its pretty good quality for the price. Fair.
Bought this at hubby's request. Since I was clueless about steamers, the price was the main reason for this purchase. Tonight for dinner I made talapia. 20 minutes cooking time, but half way through I notice, has another reviewer stated the water was boiling upon the fish in the bottom. For the 2nd batch, less water but same result. But the fish was very good. Anxious to try hard boiled eggs.
I dislike this steamer. I Gave it as a gift and they gave it back! That's how bad it is. Don't put seafood on the bottom (like the picture) it will make anything you put in the top taste like fish. So strange. Works well for other things, though. Shipping etc was prompt.

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