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The Best NUTRI FIT Digital Kitchen Scale with Dough Scraper, High Accuracy Multifunction Food Scale with Fingerprint Resistant Coating,Tare & Auto Off Function Red

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Accurate, High-Precision & Wide Range - Our digital kitchen scale built with high precision strain gauge sensor system, provides you with accurate weight 11lb/5kg capacity, 0.1oz/1g division. you will always get the right amount of foods, jewelry, medicine, liquids and spices for all of your recipes. Measure items using both standard and metric unit, the scale even includes a function to properly measure the volume of milk and water. Perfect for baking, cooking, weighting small package etc .; Anti-Fingerprint Stainless Steel: The food scale made of high quality Stainless Steel, with fingerprint resistant coating for easy to clean and maintain. Anti-fingerprint, provide dustproof, anti-corrosion protect and sterilization, hydrophobic function, it can help avoid the use of chemical solvents to handle fingerprints or oil stains, protect the surface of the scale from damage, blackening, or loss of gloss, and prolong its service life .; Stylish Hanging Design: The sleek design allows you to accent your home kitchen with a modern fashion touch and amazing sight, or effortlessly hang the scale stow as a decoration, Its slim design also makes it easy to store in any cabinet while saving space for the rest of your kitchen essentials .; Multi- function: features a clear LCD display in lb, oz, g, ml, and fl.oz; low power, overload indication and auto-off function after 1 minute of inactivity make weighing your foods Hassle-Free .; What you will get: Digital Kitchen Scale with Dough Scraper, Free life-term friendly service & 1 Year warraty .

User reviews

I love this scale! I had bought a cheap plastic scale that you set items in a small cup ... it was difficult to weigh cuts of meat and such. But this NUTRI FIT scale is amazing! I can place large chicken breasts and steaks and fish on it, as well as food in bowls and containers.
I chose this scale for its size and shape. What I received was everything I needed plus another great feature.3D prints are measured in lbs & ozs. and knowing how much material is left on a spool is important.This scale not only lets me read the screen when I lay an 8” spool on it, but I discovered there’s no need to run through the tare cycle to get my answer. Putting an empty spool on the scale before turning it on zeros out the reading immediately and all I have to do is lay the spool I want to weigh on top. Compare the weight shown against the print’s calculated weight and I know if I have enough material.So simple. Wish I had gotten this scale years ago.
I like the color and design. Great value and battery is included 😀
Took me a while to get used to it, but I like if very much and it appears to be accurate. Keeping it sanitized is not as easy as my last one where I could remove the surface and wash, but it is working out ok.
Doesnt register anything in small increments. Heres an experiment showing what i mean. If you slowly add a jelly bean, one at a time, youll be able to add over 40 jelly beans until it registers a single gram.... in order to weigh anything under 50 grams I have to put something heavy ontop and then add the small items on top of that to see what they weigh.
It's beautiful, lightweight & easy to use. Razor thin so it doesn't overwhelm the counter space in my little kitchen!
Pros:LCD display bumps out away from scale surface, making it easier to read when bowls/plates are on scale.Stainless surface easy to clean.TARE function: place container on scale (scale shows weight of container), press TARE button (scale resets to 0), put food in container (scale shows weight of food).UNIT button can be pressed at any time to change unit of measure.Scale includes MILK LIQUID and WATER LIQUID units of measure included. Most scales only have WATER LIQUID (which is less dense than milk.Cons:The CR2032 button battery allows the scale to be thin. Some might prefer scales with AAA batteries.Notes:Scale AUTO OFF is 3 minutes of inactivity (not 1 minute).Max weight is 11 lbs / 5 kg.Accuracy is 1 g, 1 ml, 0.1 oz.
Purchased this to be used by a pet shelter to monitor the weight of rescue kittens. I know this is not the classic use for the scale, but that is what we use it for. I get great reveiws from the shelter. And they believe that it has helped them greatly while nursing the little kittens to good health. I recommended it to a friend (for classic purposes of kitchen use) and she loves the one she purchased.

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