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The Best Nostalgia BSET300RETRORED Retro 3-in-1 Family Size Breakfast Station

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Bring the family together and make a complete breakfast with just one appliance. Enjoy a cup of coffee with the four-cup coffee maker, then treat the family to a variety of breakfast meats and eggs cooked on the large, non-stick griddle. The multi-functioning toaster holds up to four slices of bread at a time, and is perfect for 7-inch frozen pizzas, hot sandwiches, desserts and more. For added safety, a 30-minute timer is included with automatic shut off. When the meal is done, the griddle and oven tray remove for easy cleanup.

User reviews

** Edited after several months of use: I'm raising this to 4 stars after 3 months of using it 5-6 times a week. **Initially, I was disappointed in this product. However, that's because I wanted it to be more. I love the concept (trailer life) and would gladly pay twice as much for what it combines into a single unit that successfully combined these function in this size. So...after using it for routine duties I am feeling better about it. I've made pizza, burgers, grilled cheese, ham and cheese, toasted buns on top, cooked pot pies in it, made coffee and yes, baked cookies (Tollhouse pre-mades) as well as biscuits in it (the frozen Mrs. B style). I cook by sight and touch not time, test meat with a thermometer if I have doubts. I use the coffee-maker and get one large coffee cup of coffee with a 5-6 oz warm up a day. If you fill the coffee-maker and then add a tiny bit more after it begins to go through for a minute, you get about 24 oz. of coffee. It's enough for me but if you are a coffee-drinker who wonder about an IV drip get a full-sized Mr. Coffee.Pros: It looks good, the controls seem to work as advertised (multi-functional as grill, oven, toaster-oven) and it is a great size for one person, maybe two light eaters/drinkers.The top grll comes off easily and has proven easy to clean.Neutral: No temperature settings. The controls choices are ONLY: Grill - Top Element only is Grill Mode for the top grill surface - does ciabatta buns in about 6 minutes, Oven/Toaster - Both Elements - 400 degrees - buns take longer but will toast up there too, Warm/Reheat - Bottom Element Only - 300 degrees; and a second control which is a twist-style timer up to 30 minutes.Cons: The drip pan is smaller than the grill which makes it messy to control the grease. I now put HD alum foil down, flair it to the sides a bit and it catches more grease. Only one grill/baking rack is provided (two would let you toast four large pieces of bread at a time in there - I use Texas Toast and buns more than regular bread). The door doesn't come off the unit for cleaning and you need to be careful touching the top of the unit when cooking unless you want a waffle grill pattern forever burned into your hand (sides and door will burn you too). I remain a little concerned that when the filter in the coffee-maker gets old it may prove difficult to find a replacement but I pull it out and clean it regularly and a neighbor thinks I can find a replacement.Hope this helps.
This is a cute all in one breakfast center. I actually purchased this for my husband to use in his semi. Due to health concerns when he is traveling across country he tries to stay away from truck stop food. It also saves him money where he can make his own breakfast, cook his own pizzas, and make his own coffee. I liked that this one has a permanent coffee filter in it also. I tested it out and the coffee was fast, it toasted well too. * Update: he has been using this in the semi for a few days now. He loves it. He purchases frozen pizza and uses this to warm it up and is so happy with a crispy crust! I sent him off with some frozen homemade blackberry waffles that he toasts in the mornings too while his coffee brews.
You gotta love this one. It works great and added a nice touch to my kitchen. I baked a 7 in frozen pizza and it was fabulous! The coffee maker is fantastic, doesn't drip and the filter is very easy to remove and clean. The grill works fine too. Timely delivery, works perfect. I am very satisfied with this purchase.
I used this item 3 times. First time was for grilled cheese sandwiches. It worked fairly well but the grill does not have even heat so I had to keep moving the sandwiches around to get them done. The second time I put a small batch of cinnamon rolls in the oven to bake. There is no temperature adjustment and the rolls were burnt on the outside and raw in the middle. The third time I used this product the grill top was so hot that when we tried to scramble eggs on it, it warped and dumped raw egg everywhere. Makes a nice pot of coffee, the rest of the unit I'm not impressed with.Its a great idea BUT the huge problem I see is that you can't adjust the temperature of anything. Its all or nothing, not a great way to cook in my opinion.
It seems as though a few too many people are dumping on this, expecting to replace their entire kitchen with this. Relax everyone, it's not designed to be an end-all or be-all. It's ideal for college students, camping, and maybe for efficinecy/apartment dwellers, but it's not for everybody. The coffee maker is simple and excellent... in fact, delivers the best tasting coffee I've ever had. A four cup capacity means about 24 ounces, which may not be enough for some, but it's two mugs worth. Want more? Refill it... only takes a few minutes. (bonus: comes with a scoop... nice!) The toaster oven? Haven't baked with it yet, but delivers toast nicely (though you probably want to eyeball it... doesn't take long to go from perfect to burnt). It appears to be a bit of trial and error, as far as adjusting times to account for differences in temperatures, but it looks useful. It won't fit anything too big, but if yiu're looking for pot pies, french bread pizzas, and entrees, this looks ideal for those applications. The griddle? Here's my chief complaints.... one, the glass lid doesn't fit perfectly, so you may lose some heat needed for even cooking/grilling. And two... the griddle isn't all that deep, so if you're looking for anything more than a two egg omelet, it may not fit (especially alongside bacon/sausage). Other than that, it is large enough for eggs & bacon or sausage, and since the griddle is heated from the "grill" element in the tosater oven, a bit of unevenness is inevitable, but after a couple go-rounds, you shoud be able to figure out where the "sweet spots" are, and lay out your food accordingly. It takes getting used to the logistics and timings to get everything ready to consume at the same time, but this unit delivers the goods as advertsied.I can't give it five stars, since the griddle isn't all that deep, the lid doesn't "seal" properly, and (since there's no temperature control, per se), there should be some temperature equivalents provided for the toaster over applications, but this is a very useful unit, that complements an existing kitchen, and provides for the aforementioned applications for others in smaller, mobile, or even scholastic environments, I would give this a solid 4 1/2 stars.
Excellent for singles! College students will like this too.

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