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The Best Multiuse Handy Caddy Sliding Tray 12” Premium BPA Free ABS Base Smooth Rolling Wheels Stand Under Cabinet Countertop Storage Coffee Maker Blender Toaster Kitchen Appliances with eBook

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YOUR BEST MATE TO GET INCREDIBLE CONVENIENCE IN THE KITCHEN! Sometimes we just need a helping hand to carry out our kitchen affairs, particularly if we are dealing with moving or organising our appliances! Top Handy Caddy (TM) If you want good quality and authentic Top Handy Caddy (TM) product just like what satisfied customers are saying on their review, make sure you buy those ONLY From TODAY’S DEALS and Fulfilled By Amazon. Others are only selling our Copied Products! Why us? - Sturdy to hold various appliances and fits under all cabinets or on countertops - Slide function and smooth wheels for effortless use - Dishwasher safe and very easy to clean - Affordable with bonus eBook Our caddy tray will ease your burdens by holding out all types of kitchen appliances up to about 25 lbs. Whatever you think of - Keurig coffee makers, Cuisinart, Hamilton, Kitchenaid, Vitamix blenders - it will do its job without trouble and fit nicely under your kitchen cabinets and on countertops! For only $10.00, experience the most dependable caddy tray! With its smooth wheels, simply slide out when you need the slab and slide it back when not needed! Besides easy cleaning, it is dishwasher safe and is made of toxic-free ABS material as well! It also comes with a useful guide eBook “75 Quick & Easy Cleaning Tips for Every Clean Freaks” for you! So what are you waiting for? If it does not make your kitchen problems slide away, feel free to return them and get your cash back within 30 days! Click the ADD TO CART button to get yours now while stocks still last! Specifications: Weight: 1.1 pounds Color: Black Material: ABS Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 1.3 x 12 inches (c) Top Handy Caddy (TM) - All Rights Reserved

User reviews

I love it and use it for my heavy Kitchen Aid. Because of the convenience the Top Handy Caddy has afforded me, the use of my Kitchen Aid has increased by 95%!! Problem solved!
I love this item! 5 Stars! It fits my coffee maker just right and glides with ease. It takes up just as much space as my coffee maker and helps to store it neatly.The only comment I have to make abou this product is that when using it, the caddy glides along the counter top if you're not careful. But I believe this problem is easily fixed with a simple place mat under the caddy to help get it in place when using. All in all, a smart buy. I wouldn't say this something that is entirely needed. But it does help make things a little easier.
I really like the idea of this. Two things would make it better. First heavier plastic, a little flimsy. Second some way to make sure it stops when pulled all the way out to the edge of your counter. I have two. My blender/food processor fits just great and it pulls out really easily. My kitchen Aid mixer is on the heavy side, why I bought this, and I had to tweak it to make it work. Just can't pull it out as far as I would like but still better than it was to get it across the counter to use it. All in all I would say they are worth the money.
I read a lot of reviews and looked at a few different products before purchasing these. I thought I had a winner. Let's just say I am glad that it came in a 2 pack.1 of them I was able to successfully put under my Vitamix blender. It fit perfectly and the Vitamix was not too much weight to cause the caddy to come off the slide. I am now able to use the blender more often because I can move it from the back of my counter, up closer. Plus, the color matches very well. It blends in so nicely that you can't even really tell there is something there. Win!The only issue is in the design of the slide. I've had it about a month now and it's slide off the track about 3ish times. Those times were my boyfriend not understanding how the caddy worked and I think he pulls it out too far and too fast. You have to slide it out gently because there really isn't anything to stop it from falling off once it reaches the end of the track. It just pops off and it's really not fun to put the caddy back on with a piece of equipment on top of it. But it takes a couple seconds and you are back in action!The second caddy was for my Keurig 2.0 with a Nifty Under the brewer 30 k-cup holder. My thought was to use the caddy beneath the k-cup holder and put the Keurig on top of the holder. So it would go: caddy, k-cups, keurig. That way I could slide everything out from that dark back corner of the countertop... why do they even make counters like this!?!?The problem was, once I put the k-cup holder on the caddy, I noticed that my k-cup organizer was too wide and was causing the caddy to slide off the support.As of right now, the Keurig is on the caddy by itself. I use my Keurig every day. If it snows and I'm stuck home, I'm using it multiple times a day. So that caddy gets a lot of use. Still sliding well after a month of good use!
Perfect solution! We wanted to have the keurig on the counter under the cabinet and this handy caddy is seriously perfect. We newly remodeled our kitchen and we have the perfect corner spot to put the coffee machine but the top lid would hit the cabinet above so we were having to either clumsily move the machine back and forth multiple times a day (coffee in the morning, tea at night). This simple design allows the entire keurig machine to sit right on top and smoothly roll forward for us to use it, then glide back into the corner when we're done. I even bought one as a gift for my cousin! (I was not paid for this review and I did not receive anything for free - purely honest feedback). Highly recommend! Plus, it is low profile so it doesn't elevate the height of your appliance by more than a half inch or so.
This is my second Handy Caddy. I use one under my mixer and the other under the coffee pot. The Handy Caddy does its job. Both appliances roll forward easily on the Handy Caddy. I have had one for over a year or so which indicates to me that the Handy Caddy is quite durable over a period of time.
I like the product, but I can't find a lick of difference between this one at $13.99 and the other supposedly different one you sold me at $9.97. Good thing I didn't go for the one at $24.99 which also seems to be the same thing. I took off one star for the confusing descriptions and the fact that I ordered two different items that were apparently only priced differently.
Does what it's supposed to do - appliances slide out from under cabinets. Allows me to fill the coffee maker easily. For those who've asked, yes you can put a wider appliance on the caddy. My coffee maker is approximately 12 inches wide. It hangs over about an inch on each side, but still slides easily on the caddy.Don't expect some big, sturdy appliance caddy though. It's basically just two pieces of plastic, the top one with little wheels that slide in the tracks of the bottom piece. If you pull too hard or move them around, they easily come apart. For most countertop appliances, these will work fine.

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