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The Best Mellow Sous Vide Precision Cooker: Smart Slow Cooking Machine with Refrigeration for Home Kitchen with WiFi

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Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; ON SALE $299 for a limited time. Regular MSRP $399; MAKE AMAZING MEALS SIMPLY: Mellow makes it simple to create amazing meals using sous-vide, a method of slow cooking in a temperature-controlled bath once limited to top chefs in the best restaurants.; FROM ORDINARY COOK TO EXTRAORDINARY CHEF: Mellow’s in-app assistant chef with detailed recipes makes it easy to cook your meal to perfection every time. Choose from a broad range of categories, including health-conscious meals with extraordinary taste.; MEALS READY WHEN YOU ARE, WITHOUT THE FUSS: Let Mellow know when you want your meal to be ready, and then drop it into the cool water bath. Mellow’s patented refrigeration keeps food safely chilled until it’s ready to start cooking, and then automatically heats the water at the right time so your meal is ready when you are.; SAVE TIME AND ENERGY: Everything you need to make amazing meals in one sleek solution. Easy-clean proprietary double-walled water container with efficient heating and cooling help keep cleanup simple and energy bills low.

User reviews

Mellow's intuitive app and fool proof cooking method is just what I needed. The only thing I would like to see that would be helpful, would be more recipes on the web-site and app...job well done Mellow!
We cooked frozen halibut and salmon from Costco. Both turned out delicious (exceeded my expectations). The frozen fish actually tasted like it was freshly caught, Moist and full of flavour. Mellow takes all of the guess work out of cooking; from starting frozen to cooking to perfection and on time. Best of all, All controlled from your phone. Mellow is so easy to use it walks you through the set up process. I have recommended Mellow to all of our friends. Their device is perfect for people who work or retirees who are busy all day having fun as you can put your meat/fish in Mellow in the morning and it will keep it cold until the program Tells it to start cooking. Ingenious!
Very happy with my Mellow. It was packaged very well and setting it up and connecting Wifi took all of two minutes. We tried the chicken breast option first, incredible taste and texture, some of the best I have had.  We will be doing steak next!
Mellow looks amazing in my kitchen and my food has never tasted better. I’m loving the convenience of walking through the door at the end of a long day knowing dinner is pretty much cooked. Being a busy professional it is going to be a huge benefit for me to eat healthy and spend less time in the kitchen. I am excited to explore new recipes with my Mellow!
I was a pre-order supporter of this amazing machine. I’ve been using Mellow for about 7 months now. They keep updating the app with new features and it has changed week night meals in my home. I can put in frozen steaks, chicken, or fish in the morning and dinner is ready at the time I specify. No more overcooking your food. The perfect temp every time. Mellow is also starting to build a community of followers who share ideas and recipes. Check out the group on Facebook.
Honestly worth every penny. The differentiator is the ability to cool the food for any duration before it’s time to cook and eat. I put the food in the mellow at night, set the timer for when I get home the next day, and the food is kept cool until it needs to cool to meet my timers ready time. So much better than any other cooker or sous vide because of this and makes meal prep a breeze. I have been using a few month and am considering buying a second one.
Full disclosure - I preordered mine late last year directly from Mellow. waited 3 years to order it!This is the second sous vide Appliance I own, but the Mellow is a game changer. With refrigeration for many hours, just built in, this allows you to effectively eliminate the biggest negative about sous vide - extreme long cooking times. So long as you plan ahead a little, the whole cooking process is effectively automatic. My favorite use case is poached eggs. Before for I go to bed, I set them up to finish cooking at say 7:30, I get the “Finished” notification on my Apple Watch and then can enjoy the best in-shell poached eggs I have ever experienced!It’s exceptionally well made hardware and continuously updated software. If you are a Sous Vide obsessive as I am, this is far and away the best on the market!

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