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The Best KitchenAid KSM150PSGA Artisan Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield – Green Apple

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Choose from over 20 different colors of the KitchenAid Artisan Series Tilt-Head Stand Mixer for the one that perfectly matches your kitchen design or personality. Easily make your favorite cakes and multiple batches of cookie dough with the 5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl with comfortable handle. With 10 speeds, the standmixer will quickly become your kitchen’s culinary center as you mix, knead and whip ingredients with ease. And for even more versatility, the power hub fits optional attachments from food grinders to pasta makers and more.

User reviews

The fact that there have been many posts in the past several years about grey residue does not speak well of KitchenAid's ability to resolve issues of quality control. The solution that worked for me was scrubbing the bowl with baking soda paste as recommended by the KitchenAid website.I purchased this model KitchenAid (Aqua Sky) in the past week (in March 2016) and had the problem many have reported of grey residue around the bowl. It ruined my very first recipe, a batch of lovingly prepared yeast waffle dough, when I started mixing. At first I thought it was grease that had dripped from the motor into the food, then I realized the contamination was coming from the bowl, which I had washed once before use. (The imprint on the bottom of the bowl indicates it is made in India.) After throwing away my ingredients, I re-washed twice with a Scotch-Brite scrubby sponge and hot water and detergent, and then twice more scrubbing extremely vigorously with Comet cleanser, then rinsing thoroughly. But still wiping the inside of the bowl with a white kitchen towel left a grey residue!After further research I found a page on the KitchenAid site that describes this problem. You can find it if you Google 'KitchenAid remove residue from stainless bowls'. The article says the residue is from polishing in the factory and cannot be removed in the dishwasher or by ordinary hand washing. It recommends 1) Bar Keeper's Friend, or 2) a mixture of lemon juice and salt, or 3) baking soda paste.I purchased the Bar Keeper's Friend, but I wanted to try the other steps first, in case it can help anyone else reading this who would prefer not to make a special trip for Bar Keeper's Friend. After a thorough scrubbing with lemon juice and salt, there was still a slight residue coming off on a towel. After the baking soda scrubbing there was no longer any residue and I did not have to use the Bar Keeper's Friend. Then I successfully redid my recipe and had no problems with residue.
The mixer is great, obviously. You all know that. The purpose of this review is more to help with the color selection, in case anyone out there was like me and struggling to differentiate between Ice Blue and Aqua Sky. I had seen Ice Blue in person at Target. But I could not find Aqua Sky in person, and struggled with trying to figure out which online pictures were accurate. There weren't that many real life pictures available to look at. So I just winged it and ordered Aqua Sky. Luckily its perfect for me. And here is the best way I can describe the difference between the two colors.ICE BLUE is a very light, bright, airy (and did I say bright?) blue with a touch of green. Gorgeous. and AQUA SKY is a turquoise a few shades darker. More like the color of the stones you would see in Native American jewelry. Compared to Ice Blue I'd say it's more of a country blue/green. Like a Ball jar. (for reference I have included a picture of it beside an actual Ball jar lol). In the other photo I have placed a baby blue cup and a light mint green plate, so you can see how the shade of Aqua Sky kind of falls in between the two. One pic with flash and one without.I hope this helps anyone else out there who is struggling to figure out what the shades actually look like and which is best for their kitchen.
I mean, what can you say about KitchenAid products, except great things? I've put off buying this mixer for almost two years. Something else always got in the way. Since my birthday is coming up, I decided to treat myself.Let me cover the "used" status of this, that I specifically purchased. "Used" items on Amazon are often simply returned items that, often times, have never been used. The description in the used areas will tell you that either the item might have a blemish, or that it's simply the packaging that's been damaged. The latter was the one I chose. The item looks like it never came out of the box. I think someone opened it, saw it wasn't their color, taped it back up, and returned it. All of the attachments were still in the styro-foam just as they were originally packed. The box had a slight indention on one side, and one corner on the top was slightly mashed in. And I do mean slightly. Every piece of paper work was in it (the recipe book, the whisk-not-dishwasher warning tag, the registration paper). It pays to go to the Used section on an item, and find a return. I paid only $217 instead of $279 for it. I also recommend paying for the SqpareTrade warranty. It was $17 for 2 years.The Imperial Black (and Gray) are not a high gloss finish. They're a matte metal finish, with a slight texture to them (much like the surface of a lemon or lime). They still marry nicely with modern, contemporary, or traditional kitchens. They grey would be nice ina country kitchen with a lot off white, or other pastel colors. The mixers are such a major eye-draw in any kitchen and, in my opinion, the Imperial colors blend in nicely with any kitchen, yet add a bit of softness to an otherwise hard-edged room.The mixer actually isn't as big as I thought it'd be, but it's still heavy duty, and solid as a rock. I'd recommend the Artisan series, instead of Artisan Deluxe. They come with the same attachments (although the pour shield might vary). However, the Artisan series come with the metal bowl. The Deluxe comes with the glass bowl. Both are 5-QT. The glass bowl, while nice, is heavier, and there's always a risk of it breaking. Metal all the way. It's a nice touch of bling to any mixer color.I could not be happier with my purchase.
I just received my mixer yesterday and had to make cookies immediately. While the mixer worked perfectly, there was a gray residue on my dough. Ugh. This was despite my washing the bowl prior to using. After googling the issue I used a baking soda paste and scrubbed the bowl with it.. No more residue. I emailed Kitchen-aid and asked them to please insert an ALERT message in mixers with stainless bowls telling cooks how to get rid of this residue so they won't panic. I know there are many ways of getting rid of the residue but the baking soda paste worked great. Hope Kitchen-aid will take suggestion.

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