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The Best Kitchen Utensils Cooking Set by Chefcoo™ Includes 8 Pieces Non-stick Cookware Gadgets – Masher, Spaghetti Server, Skimmer, Soup Ladle, Fish Slotted Turner, Whisk, Turner, Fork

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The Chefcoo All-in-one Non-stick Kitchen Utensils Set That Promises to Bring You Productivity In The Kitchen!

User reviews

I ordered these because I wanted a silicone utensil set for my non-stick cookware. The description is misleading, as only the handles are silicone. The utensils are actually cheap thin plastic. I love the turning stand concept, but it is cheaply made and flimsy as well. I do love that I can set them on the counter without a spoon rest.Don't be mislead as I was by all these people who received compensation for their rave reviews. They aren't that great.
I really like this cooking set. The handles are good and the little stand each utensil has is great. I was surprised at the sturdiness of the set. It's better quality than I thought it would be.I took a star off because they are harder to clean than they should be. When you wash any utensil food particles tend to stick to each one. Much more than any other set I've owned.On balance, they are good and I'd buy again. Just note that you may have to do some in depth scrubbing to get them clean.
I wanted to replace our old scarred black plastic kitchen utensils, purchased from the dollar store, with tools that are stronger and better looking. Our cookware is a varied set with cast iron, Teflon, and ceramic bonded cast, and finding a single utensil set that would suit all of the different types was the most difficult task. I’m happy to report that these utensils work great in all instances, are durable, and don’t flex crazily when you try to stir something thick or flip something heavy. The varied colored handles guarantee that at least one of the tools will match your décor, and the handy stand will help use up counter space, which we all seem to be in great supply of these days, right? Seriously, these are great, the colors do work in my otherwise monochrome styled kitchen, and the stand is good to have on occasion, when working with more than one utensil at a time and juggling a full stove top of cookware. I’m very happy with this purchase.
These are great tools! A tool for every job. I especially like the way you can lay them down on the counter and, because of their design, the surface that touches the food will be suspended above the counter.
So far so good. The items look as described and shown in the add and they seem sturdy enough.Overall this set seems to be a great value. WE haven't used all the items yet but the spatula and spoon seem good so far.If anything breaks after little use I will be sure to update my review but for now everything looks good.
Love the way you can put the utensil down and it doesn't touch the counter.
Daily use for over a year and they're still as good as new. Really like the tabs on the back that keep the food-contact parts of the utensils off the counter or spoon rest when you sit them down.
Excellent set of tools. The only thing that was a little awkward was the plastic piece on the back of the utensil. Most of the time you could rest the utensil on it, but, in small pots it didn't exactly fit right. However, I would buy it again. This was a gift, and I will probably purchase one for myself as well.

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