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The Best Hamilton Beach (25360) Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill & Searing Grill with Removable Plates

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25360 Features: -Removable non-stick plate. -Removable hood, plate and drip tray are dishwasher safe. -Adjustable temperature control. -Power and preheat indicator lights. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -10.25 Inches. Overall Width - Side to Side: -16.73 Inches. Overall Depth - Front to Back: -12.4 Inches. Overall Product Weight: -10 Pounds.

User reviews

I actually bought this same grill off Target website for $59 (on sale) but wanted to review it here.My biggest concern was whether it would smoke a lot and set off our smoke alarm but it doesn't. I have used it multiple times and it sits on my counter next to the stove. I leave the oven overhead fan set on low (which I do not even think I need to) and there's no smoke filled air with the lid closed. I have not used it without the lid on so I can not speak to whether that would leave your home smokey. I can easily fit 3-4 steaks or chicken breasts at a time on this grill.I love that the drip pain catches everything. There is no way for grease to fall elsewhere.I love that it breaks down for easy cleanup and that I can throw the parts into the dishwasher. BY THE WAY I'm not sure what size dishwasher they show the parts here in but the lid doesn't fit into my dishwasher.. The other parts however easily fit.It has a control knob that you can set the temperature from 200-400 (then Seer).BTW, I made this mistake so here's a little warning for you - you are supposed to preheat before placing your food on there.. Me, I forgot to preheat and set all the food on then remembered I was supposed to preheat and thought about taking everything off.. But decided to just let it go through preheat with the food there. Well, the food on the grill got seer'ed pretty fast! I'm not sure why since I only had it on 350 but don't make my mistake.. It turned out ok but just a heads up. Allow it to preheat as the instructions indicate. The preheat takes less than 2 minutes. Heats up FAST.I give this grill 5 stars because I personally don't find a single flaw. However, I did debate 4 or 5 stars for this simple reason. The cord is extremely short. This is not an inconvenience to me because I have a plug in easily accessible in the spot I need it but to those of you who don't might find this as a flaw. The cord is only 25 inches long.If you found my review helpful - please click helpful found below my review and if you have questions I did not answer feel free to leave a comment or go to my profile and email me. Thank you!!
Let me start by saying I am cook and I live in NYC in an apt. Historically, grilling has been my limitation. I have tested everything from stovetop grill pans to contact grills (aka George Foreman) to broiler pans. And when I say tested I mean I read reviews and buy appliance to only give them away or donate then (Google "Housingworks", a wonderful charity).Earlier this week I found this grill. I figured another $60 or dollars wasted but let's try. THIS APPLIANCE IS AMAZING! Finally I found an indoor grill that GRILLS. After reading multiple reviews I realized the key to an INDOOR GRILL is having vents in the grill grates that allow moisture (oil/fat, juices) to drain away to not steam your food. And grates that get HOT > 450 degrees! This does it!I am won't say that this grill creates outdoor grill flavors. It's does and it doesn't. But what it does do is allow you to grill your food. That's healthier in itself. BUT if you use, like I do, a combo of liquid smoke, smoked paprika and smoked sea salt you will ABSOLUTELY APPROXIMATE THE FLAVORS of an outdoor gas grill with a smoker! I was in shock. It can be done! It takes a the right grill (this one) AND the right supportive ingredients.And last but not least after trial and error PREHEAT THE GRILL FOR 5-10 Minutes. Forget the light indicator. Let it sit. It will get ripping hot. And then you can adjust the heat accordingly to properly cook the food.Note - Grill marks to ME are nothing more than grill marks. The flavor imparted by browning is clearly real but not ENOUGH from grill marks. If I am going for that then I prefer a full pan seared crust. With a grill I want smoke (charcoal is a no go) and cross hatches for color and a bit of flavor.
Forget all the negative reviews on this product and listen to your girl over here. I love this grill. I clean it immediately after use. I use only Dawn and warm water. I spray Pam to better protect the grill. Get you one. Follow instructions. Take care of it properly because that's how you maintain longevity.

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