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The Best GlenPro GPSC-1500 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner With Full Accessories – Steams for 45 Minutes Chemical Free 1500 Watts of Steam Power for Counters, Most Floors, Appliances, Autos, Windows, and More

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- Large capacity Tank - The 50 ounce (1500ml) water tank heats up in 8 minutes and provides 45 minutes of steam. Has a lockable steam trigger for continuous steam cleaning. - Quality Guaranteed - GlenPro quality steamer has a 2 year warranty - Chemical - free cleaning - Heats to over 200F using water pressurized at 58 psi of steam deep clean and sanitize without chemicals to eliminate mold, stains, dirt, and grease from a variety of surfaces including grout, ceramic tile, granite, laminate, sealed wood flooring, BBQ's, Stoves, Ovens, Counters, Showers, Autos, and More. - 14 Accessories - A variety of accessories for every steam job around your house including 2 brass brushes, 2 nylon brushes, high pressure nozzle, floor brush with cloth attachment for mopping, squeegee, 2 adaptors, 2 extension wands, fill cup and funnel. - Extended Reach - An extra long 10-foot steam hose and 15-foot power cord gives you a total of 25 feet of maneuverability to reach hard to get places. - ETL certified for U.S. voltage requirements

User reviews

We think we’re pretty clean people. We’re not fanatics or anything, but basically clean. And then we steam cleaned our floors in the kitchen ~one of the highest trafficked areas in our home~ using this GlenPro steam cleaner.And we discovered we’re basically NOT clean. We’re basically pigs.We cleaned one section and left another alone. Our floors feel like they’re new again! (They are about five years old.) We can tell when we walk on them which area is cleaned and which isn’t. And we can see it, too.What we like: The cleaner is lightweight and easy to operate. The multiple attachments make it ready to clean anything we could steam clean. We’ve never used a steam cleaner and the directions were easy to understand.What we don’t like: This cleaner revealed how dirty we really are. We weren’t prepared for how much water would come out of the machine (we thought it would be only steam) but when we wrapped the rag around the attachment it left a lot of water on our floors. This water dried quickly, it just was different than what we expected.Overall, we think this is a great product with a great price point and are recommending it to friends, family, and anyone reading this.Oh! We also cleaned around the toilet in our boys’ bathroom! (We have three sons. Let your imagination run wild....) Needless to say, the level of clean in that area is now astounding.This is a game-changer in our home and we’re happy we purchased it.
I've been wanting a steam cleaner for some time but never really thought I'd have enough things I'd use it on..... well that all changed.So I just bought my first house. Wood floors in the living room and kitchen. Tile floors and stone counter tops in the bathrooms and showers. I've got surfaces to clean for days. Now supposedly, the "professional" cleaners, cleaned my house from top to bottom... enter in the GlenPro steam cleaner. The dirt and grime that came up from the floors after using the steam cleaner was nothing short of amazing. It's a power house!First off, the steam cleaner is easy to use. Just use the included measuring cup and funnel to fill the steamer cleaner with water. Now for best results, use distilled water. Distilled water doesn't have the same mineral content that tap water does. So you tend to get less mineral build up on the heating coils over time... but, you can use tap water if you want to.Next, pick your attachment. My current weapon of choice is the floor brush with the included cloth cover. After you fill the unit with water and secure the cap, plug the cleaner in and click on the power button. Speaking of plugging in, the steam cleaner comes with a 15 foot power cord and an 10 foot hose. I was able to clean most every room without needing to hop from plug to plug.Once the steam cleaner was ready to go, I powered through a small area of the floor in my kitchen... maybe a small 10ft by 10ft section. The amount of dirt that was on the pad was both scary and unexpected. Not only was this floor "professionally" cleaned, but I also had used a Bona wet cleaning pad that morning. So i rinsed the cloth cover and continued on.. word of advice, buy some cheap dish towels to use as replacement for the cloth cover. It will save you time from having to rinse and replace the cloth cover over and over.Once the floors were cleaned, I moved to the bathrooms.. same story there, dirt. The GlenPro steam cleaner just powered through everything I threw at it and it just kept on cleaning. I even cleaned the stove top.... and I hate cleaning the stove!And there in lies the the "ah ha" moment... after all of the cleaning that I did. After all of the dirt that was removed from the surfaces that me and my family come in contact with everyday..... i didn't have to use any chemicals. No floor cleaner, no tub and tile cleaner, no harsh bleach cleaners, nada. All i used was WATER.......... *mic drop!
Just used my GlenPro steam cleaner, what a work horse! This thing has a lot of steam power, it heated up fast and steamed for 45 minutes! The instructions were good and the steamer is easy to use! I really like the extra long steam hose and the 15’ power cord, some of the ones I saw online were shorter. Having long hose and cord make it really easy to clean everywhere. This did a great job on my tile floor and shower! I love the storage compartment for some of the accessories. I "Highly Recommend This Steam Cleaner - It Exceeded My Expectations".
This was a great purchase for me. Fast delivery and the Glen Pro 1500 was packaged perfectly and easy to use right out of the box! I particularly like the accessories included. It is powerful enough for the heavy duty jobs like my bbq grill which was a mess to the easier more delicate jobs like bathroom sink cleaning and shower door maintenance etc. I can’t wait to explore other uses for home maintenance issues. I’m certain it could be used on commercial type maintenance/cleanings. I definitely recommend this unit. Very pleased
It's light and easy to use. However it leave puddles everywhere and the directions aren't very good. They haven't provided sufficient towels/cloths to clean up the puddles. My past steam cleaners came with those tools. They also didn't psecify that it has a short return window...so I guess I'm stuck with it!
I am returning this. I bought it to clean kitchen floor grout. It seems able to do the job fairly well. There is a major problem: it has a light that goes on when the machine needs some extra time to build up pressure, which means stop using it for about 40 seconds. No problem EXCEPT that the light goes on every 10 seconds. I have been trying to clean for over an hour and have stopped to wait for pressure many many times. Sometimes it only goes for 5 seconds at a time. To say it can steam for 45 minutes is not true. To say it can steam for 45 seconds is not true either. MAJOR FLAW.
I was just given a GlenPro steam cleaner as a gift . This thing is great! Good instructions, easy to use. It has a good assortment of attachments. I used it on my floors, oven and bbq and they look great. The 15 ft power cord, 10 ft steam hose and wheels on unit make it super easy to pull around and use. I would definitely recommend this cleaner to all my friends.

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