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The Best FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer 4800 Series 2-in-1 System with Starter Kit

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Combining both a handheld and standard vacuum sealer, this FoodSaver 4800 Series 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit is vacuum sealing versatility at its best. Automatic bag detection and vacuum sealing means two quick and easy steps to seal and save. When sealing zipper bags and Fresh containers the convenient handheld retractable sealer eliminates the need for additional attachments. One unit does it all. Tip: If you've been sealing a lot of moist foods, the drip tray might be full. The indicator light will blink to let you know it needs to be emptied. Simply remove your drip tray, clean it, dry it, and re-insert according to your model's instruction manual. The light will go out and you’re ready to start sealing again.

User reviews

I have had a clamshell version of the foodsaver vacuum sealer for many years and was very happy with it. Below is a picture of the older came show model with a separate vacuum bag roll storage and cutter. This model has built in vacuum bag roll storage and cutter.One problem with the older unit was that it would not allow you to heat seal the bags closed until it achieved a very thorough removal of all of the air. Therefore I could not use it on soft or delicate food items. I tried to bag some bagels and negative pressure resulted in squished bagel pucks. This model allows you to choose when you want it to heat seal the bags. Today when I bagged some bagels. I allowed the vacuum to remove enough air so that the plastic shrank very close to the surface of the bagels without compressing them.I included a picture of said bagels.I found that with the older vacuum sealer any liquids would also be drawn up by the vacuum. Often this would cause failure of the seal and a mess. Again the newer model allows me to seal the bags to achieve a tight shrink wrap but without making a mess. I recycled some plastic take-out Chinese containers, filled them with some delicious bean and bacon soup that my wife made today. As you can see in the picture the plastic shrinks down close to the surface of the soup but it doesn't make a mess. I bagged several helpings of soup and with the concavity achieved by the plastic containers they stack perfectly in my freezer. I am very happy that I saved so many of these plastic takeout containers. I plan to use many of them in the future for other meals.Another plus with the new vacuum system is that it automatically seals the bag for you when you insert into the slot. With the older model you had to position the bag over the vacuum gasket. Often times the Bag would kink and roll over and not allow a good vacuum seal and i would have to reposition the bag to make it work. However convenience does have a bit of a price. The newer vacuum system requires a little bit more bag to be used each time.I have always used vacuum bags from foodsaver. However I recently ordered two rolls of bags from Amazon. It is much, much cheaper. I hope they fit within the holder on the vacuum unit.these rolls are bigger then what is available from foodsaver but are much less expensive.
This is my first vacuum sealer, and once grasping how to use it, I am impressed with the ease of use and storage capability inherent in vacuum sealers.The 4840 is functionally identical to the model 4440, with the differences being that the control panel is located on the upper edge of the unit as opposed to the lower edge on the 4440, and the 4840 has brushed stainless side panels. I thought having the control panel on top would be a good thing (in use it doesn't really make a difference), and I found the brushed stainless steel chassis wrap attractive... neither affects the function of the sealer, and a buyer can get the same functionality and save $30 by purchasing the 4440.The learning curve is easy, aided by YouTube videos.Automated sealing works well, and the amount of vacuum can be controlled from the panel for fragile items or partial vacuum sealingThe attached hose unit is used for sealing vacuum zipper bags or vacuum sealing jars or drawing a vacuum in a marinating dish.In addition to the roll bags, zipper bags and bottom sealed bags are available, as are accessories for vacuum sealing jars and accelerating marinating dishes.HINTThe amount of material necessary to be fed into the sealing slot to make a bag was more than I expected, resulting in a slight amount of wasted bag material. I found it best to use what appears to be a generous amount of bag material from the roll, as the machine will not seal if the mating surfaces are not completely in contact. I found that 2 1/2 inches from the edge to the contents in the bag results in a reliable seal.PROSSolid, quality construction, attractive appearanceRoll bag storage in the unit is very handyAll in one vacuum source - bags plus the vacuum hoseCONSIt's big. The roll bag storage means it occupies more space on the counterWould prefer the cord be longerVacuum hose unit works well, but re-storing the hose in the unit can be "fiddly". Likely requires a particular wrist motion or Druid incantation to work smoothly.Would like to see a "manual" mode where the user can control the vacuum and sealing directly, independent of the microchip.sealing the ziplock bags can be frustrating... the bag's vacuum "port' must be absolutely clean and clear of any debris and on a flat surface, or it will not seal, or will "leak down" after sealing. Jury is out on their effectiveness.UPDATE - after almost six months, this has become a "must have" appliance for me, and I am disappointed I took so long to get one.. After purchasing quantities of meat, fish, flour and coffee, I divided and quickly vacuum bagged and froze them. Leftover holiday turkey received the vac bag treatment for later enjoyment.After three to four months, I removed Halibut, Ahi tuna and NY steaks for dinners... No freezer burn, meat and fish as fresh as when they were frozen. I bought 2 lb bags of four different coffee beans, poured a 2 cup daily supply into each of four containers and vac bag/freeze the rest in 2 cup portions. After 10 or so days, I have used the first beans, and replenish the containers from the freezer, maintaining FRESH ground coffee for a couple of months.The zip lock bags have been a major disappointment. I have been unable to obtain a reliable vacuum seal on any of them, despite taking extreme precautions and learning Druid incantations for the purpose :D. Have given up on them.If I had it do do over, am unsure I would spring for the large size unit, but am absolutely certain that I would have a vacuum sealer on the counter.

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