The Best Echo Spot Adjustable Stand – Black – 2018

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Place on a table or counter and easily adjust Echo Spot's viewing angle; Quick and secure magnetic attachment to Echo Spot; Available in two colors

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I have been with echo from the beginning and I was disappointed when I opened up my new spot. Of which i had purchased 4 of them and I had specifically wanted them for sound quality as well as the screen and the speakers are on the lower side not the bottom. BUT... when you put this very well built and weighted magnetic connector to the bottom all of a sudden the sound bounces off of this perfectly round circle and spreads out through the Room to sound in for Beautiful so it's kind of like buying a Mustang and not taking it out of 1st a gear unless you buy this piece. You are limiting the sound quality of a beautiful beautiful machine. In short order one Today.
I was really annoyed I had to spend another $20 on this stand, but I really love it. The ability to position my Spot is helpful. The stand has a nice weight to it and has the same non-slip material that is on the bottom of the Spot. I was very pleased that it magnets so the connection feels very secure. Think the sound is better when on the stand as well. In the end it’s worth the extra $20!
Made well, makes spot sound better but should be $10.00 max. Amazon is starting to get greedy!
What might be helpful to know about this stand:It is well made and feels substantial.It does allow you to tilt the Echo Spot to different angles (although you do need to hold the Spot on the stand when you tilt it as it is easy for the echo spot slip off of the stand while in the process of tilting).Echo Spot sits nicely on the stand once position is set however!It fits the Echo Spot well.It does not add very much height to the Spot. The picture is very accurate (only raises the Spot an inch or two). The height is not adjustable.Agree with other reviewers who say that the price point it a bit high...but given the speciality market and nature, perhaps understandable.Would be wonderful if Amazon would consider including this in the Echo Spot package as the spot itself is pricy.Hopes for future iterations:Would be wonderful if height was adjustable.Likewise if it was included with the Echo SpotWould be nice if it was offered at a lower price.Otherwise, I am quite satisfied.
People complain too much. There is nothing wrong with this device. You can set the screen as bright or dark as you want. The screen goes dark automatically when the room is dark and quiet, so the "glow" will NOT ruin your sleep. The alarm is easily dismissed or put on snooze without having to raise your head from the pillow, or even opening your eyes, if that is your wish. Alexa can hear, and understand you in your most grogy incoherent morning self. If you can't see the screen without your glasses near, or across the room, just ASK Alexa... what time is it? What's the temperature in the room or outside? Ask what the thermostate is set to before you dare let your big toe out from under the covers. Have Alexa turn off your TV instead of fishing for the remote, because you know, any movement you make will take you out of that "almost asleep" state. If you want, Alexa can even read you a bedtime story. Now, COME ON! Even your mom won't do that anymore.So, I just realized that was supposed to be a review for the stand and not for the Spot. Still love my Spot, but the stand was a great addition. Yes, I agree that it is overpriced, but sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet, if you want to be happy. You already paid over $100 for the device. Pay the $20 bucks for the stand. You will not regret it. Another perk, if you have a dog with a waggly tail, a cat, or children, that like to knock over that glass of water you leave on your nightstand, you will be glad your Spot is on a stand, and not in the water.
In my opinion, this stand is required for the Echo spot. Without it, you can't change the level or position of the Spot. Not only does this stand look nice, but it offers the ability to rotate the Echo Spot so that the display is more visible depending on the angle you need to see it. The rotation available is up and down and not sideways. Without this stand, the Echo Spot can sit in only one position.The raised notch on the top of the stand fits into the cutout notch on the bottom of the Spot, and is held securely by a magnet. It is very easy to remove or install the stand. I like the different angles that the Spot can be positioned. The stand also holds the Spot up from the counter a bit. I would recommend this stand for the Echo Spot.
A must have add-on for the Spot. The tilt function makes it much easier to view when lying in bed.
My FAVORITE Alexa product and I have them all! Love that is small and can do so much more! Can call contacts and pretty can use like FaceTime but the one contact i would use with does not have theirs set up yet. Can play a video from library and love the green ring that shows for up coming delivery or delivered items! I appreciate the visual screen to can view lyrics, articles or weather. Highly recommend! All are nice but like the compact size of the Spot and the video size of the new Alexa show.

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