The Best Echo Shell (fits Echo 2nd Generation only) – Heather Gray Fabric – 2018

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Echo Shell is a decorative cover for the Amazon Echo (2nd Generation); Available in unique fabric colors and premium finishes to match your décor; Your first Echo Shell is included in-box with your Echo (2nd Generation). Additional styles are available for purchase.; Made with polyester woven fabric

User reviews

I picked this up because it looked like brushed metal from the photos, which it only does in person from across the room. Once you’re up close it just looks like any other plastic case. For what these plastic tubes are, there’s no reason for them to cost what they do. I understand making a profit, but come on, Jeff. You could sell these for ten dollars and still be making a nice profit. But thirty dollars?? Am I really supposed to believe that this silly plastic shell is worth 1/3 of the cost of my Echo??
This is awesome! My echo is black but I really wanted a light color so it could kind of blend in with the shelf I moved it to. It's so nice to be able to change the color of my echo without having to purchase a whole new one. The sleeve is very high quality...OEM. I assumed it would go over the existing sleeve, but to my surprise the original sleeve slides right off. Super easy to swap out... a child could do it in a few seconds. Heck, a monkey could do it! And this came with an easy little picture instruction guide. I got the sandstone and have it against a pale grey wall. It's a canvas fabric and reads as either cream/ivory or light grey. A good purchase for $20.
Very pleased with the impression that you get when you see it. Most don't know what it is. Does not look electronic.
I ordered the Walnut Color Decorative Shell. It looks good and goes on and off very easily. Walnut also is a Thanksgiving Color so if your house is decorated for Thanksgiving I recommend it. Only issue I see with these shells is there isn't enough colors. I'd like to see green,orange and blue as well.
Classy looking shell that I purchased to replace the one that came with my gifted Echo.
Bought this for my wife because she wanted it. Have to admit it does look better than the black cloth shell the echo came with.
Especially good for kitchens or bathrooms as it is easily cleaned.
It actually fits with the furniture I have and doesnt look too out of place. Originally had the light grey fabric one that matches certain Ikea couches

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