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The Best Chefman 5 Tray Round Food Dehydrator, BPA-Free Professional Electric Multi-Tier Food Preserver, Meat or Beef Jerky Maker, Fruit, Herb, Vegetable Dryer w/Dishwasher Safe Removable Trays

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Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; CONSISTENT RESULTS: Superior air flow for even and consistent drying, every time. Great for making homemade granola bars, trail mix, beef jerky, dried herbs, fruit snacks, and more!; DEHYDRATING SIMPLIFIED: One-touch operation for ease of use; transparent trays and lid for easy view during the process of dehydrating; BPA FREE: Made with bpa-free, food safe plastic materials so you can make healthy, naturally preserved snacks & treats; EASY CLEAN: Removable trays are dishwasher safe making clean up as easy as possible; ADJUSTABLE: Shelf height is adjustable for maximum versatility; easily fits an assortment of food; RESOURCES & WARRANTY: includes access to Club Chefman for tailor made recipes, videos, cookbooks and more! 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, & 1-year hassle-free warranty provided by Chefman

User reviews

Awesome dehydrator, great price! Let's be honest, it's cold outside and in my part of the country there's a snow storm brewing. I've used this dehydrator to make my first batch of beef jerky to help me make it through the storm should we lose power. The multi-tray setup is excellent. The machine also can dehydrate fruit, make granola, and other such treats. I intend to try kale chips next. Thanks Chefman for such a great product at such a fantastic price!
Nice and simple food dehydrator. There is no option to set temperature or time. It is just a one button on off. This is my first dehydrator so the simplicity made it better for me. I liked that I could easily take it out of the box and start using it. Plug and go. The manual lists various things and you dry along with tips on how to blanch the food before drying. Those were very useful. My first item were apples and they came out really good. I was not aware of the time it needs to dry before owning a dehydrator. I was very surprised when I had to wait 10 hours for the apples to completely dry out. I feel like this is very useful for camping or backpacking. You can dry whatever to need to lighten your load and reconstitute it when you are at your camping site. Overall this is a very simple product. Do not but it expecting bells and whistles.
I’ve had a few other dehydrators, but this one seems to work the best if you’re just making quantities meant for 1 or 2 people to enjoy. The small size allows for even air flow and not having to rearrange trays hourly to get a good product
Works good. It puts off a lot of heat. Something that our other one didn't do. But it also cooks it faster. It was way smaller then I expected. But that could have been my fault for not looking at what the dimensions were.
Seriously, I love this! This is my first time using a food dehydrator, and this thing is idiot proof! It is literally impossible to overdo it because once something is dehydrated, well, it's dehydrated, and the heat isn't high enough to burn the food, so if you accidentally leave it on much longer than the book recommends, no harm no foul! One button operation and super easy to clean! If you've never used one of these before, I definitely recommend this one!
Wow, Great dehydrator for the low price! I used to have a huge harvest maid dehydrator, and it did a good job, but so big and ultimately didn't last.This is compact enough for the countertop..I did some dried apples, and they came out beautiful and delicious!I'm very happy with this dehydrator.. the only downside is that the trays aren't very sturdy..I will use a lot of care to keep them good.Great fan and heat circulation!
It worked very well for making beef jerky and dehydrated fruit at first. Unfortunately if what you are dehydrating ends up dripping it will short out. Luckily I was home as when it shorted it didn't throw a breaker. I heard a few loud pops then smelled smoke, went to the kitchen to see flashes coming from within the dehydrator. I am very sad that the product didn't last long because it actually did a very good job. Unfortunately I can not recommend this product as it was far to easy for a potential fire to happen.
Ordered for the right price. Received on time. Used the directions provided to dry my first batch of apples and worked exactly as advertised.Only drawback was the time it took for them to dry. Definitely a time consuming hobby.

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