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The Best Bosch Cookie Paddles, for Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine

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Can handle heavier loads than regular cookie whips. Fits Bosch Universal Mixer. Set of 2 food grade heavy duty plastic paddles .Manufacturer recommends to be used only with the metal whip drive.

User reviews

I like these cookie paddles but this is my third set in four or five years. One set was my child's fault, when they tried to beat up frozen butter the groves at the top of the paddles broke 🙁 But another set broke too and though I do make a lot of cookies, it is annoying that they break the mixer and dough hook are made sturdy, why were the cookie paddles not made as sturdy?
I bought a set of these and the teeth broke off within a few uses. Sugar cookie Dough and chocolate chip cookie dough. I'm not kidding-these can only handle things SOFTER than sugar cookie dough. Like what? I'm a loser so I bought a second pair, which also only lasted through a batch or two of cookie dough. Why are they called cookie paddles if the teeth can't handle typical cookie dough? I think the recipe on the Nestle bag should be the test for "typical", don't you?So now I use my beaters to do the eggs/sugar, then I immediately switch to my dough hook even for simple things like sugar cookies or chocolate chip cookies. Lame. Doesn't work as well as the kitchenaid.If you make a lot of cookies, get a Kitchenaid. if you make mostly bread, get this Bosch. I think it's stinky that Bosch has never improved this paddle. I've had my Bosch since 2006 and I like it, but I decided to stop wasting money on paddles.
Growing up I was always so fond of my mother's Bosch mixer, with all the attachments. I was lead to believe they are indestructible. I ordered a pair of cookie paddles after one of the gear teeth broke completely off, rendering it completely unusable.Okay, I thought. They lasted about a year and a half, which is... Disappointing... But maybe just a fluke? Although the same problem didn't occur again, now the mechanism which holds the cookie paddles onto the rotating gear has completely loosened on the new pair. They're functional, however they slip RIGHT OFF if I'm not holding them, or if they're not in the bowl with everything ready to go.I seriously expected more from the likes of Bosch, and am massively disappointed thus far.
Bosch mixers are really tough, but every Bosch mixer owner needs to get a set! These are strong and do wonders creaming things up good.For those people looking at these reviews and are worried about the plastic teeth stripping off: I have had three sets of these, and the only time I've stripped the teeth involved user error! I dropped my spatula in my bowl while mixing up soft dough and one time my daughter dropped in a measuring cup. In both cases the paddles stripped, much better for these to strip then my mixing bowl or stripping the gears on the motor! Remember heavy dough requires a dough hook.
Like everything Bosch does these are sturdy and well made and work perfectly for their intended purpose. Just watch your friends if they happen to be installing these. They need to be mounted and installed correctly otherwise, you will have the problem I did! One side stuck up and then the whole thing went wonky and stripped one of the gear-like edges on the post.
I haven't had as many issues with Bosch products as there have been in the last 5 years. My wife finally ended up getting a Kitchen Aid instead, which is unfortunate since I have used Bosch for 25+ years as my mixer / kitchen appliance of choice. The quality and continuously breaking plastic pieces have become more trouble than they are worth.Note this is a bad review of the product, they were delivered quickly and I have no issue with this seller.
Used my paddles and mixer for the very first time yesterday and one of the teeth on the paddle broke off my husband found it in one of the cookies I baked! Thankfully this was not for a customer's order! Worried I'm gonna have to check them everytime I make something now. Starting to regret buying this mixer and not another kitchen aide
Love my Bosch mixer and the cookie paddles are great for heavier batters. It was suggested by Bosch when doing a real heavy cookie batter to switch to dough hooks since this last set, the gears broke after just a few times. When examined I realized the gears on the middle column had been stripped by previous breakage and so that caused new pair to easily break as it was not a smooth gear to gear turning. Bosch will send me a new pair though as they were still under warranty. I thought that was pretty nice of them. I also ordered new gear for center column and hope now the pair I get as replacement will last as long as the first ones which was several years. mil borrowed mixer to make peanut butter eggs and broke the first pair and I suspect the center column was damaged then and I just didn't notice.

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