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The Best AmazonBasics Bamboo Expandable Kitchen Utensils Drawer Organizer

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I ordered this because based on the measurements, it would be a perfect fit for my kitchen drawers(planned to order more if it did). And it would have been perfect except for the fact that it came with a split on top at a juncture where a nail held two pieces together. I'd have tried to glue it if it wasn't on top where my repair would have shown. Ordered a replacement and it's got the same problem only worse, didn't even have to remove the plastic to see it! I really loved the look of the bamboo, prettier than any I'd seen in stores, and it was the exact size for my drawers...but getting two with the same splitting issue is a problem.
It's a neat concept and fits the width of my drawer but the compartments are a little narrow if you have a lot of silverware.Update - I've had this for a little over a month now and the winter humidity changes have caused the parts to expand / contract. Small staples were used to old the bamboo pieces together and they are easily pulled out as the dividers expand / contract. This is not worth the money, very disappointed with the quality.
Fits and works but one of the bamboo cross members bowed and pulled the connections at the bottom apart.A bit of glue and a clamp should fix it right up.If I complain, Amazon will send me 100 for free so this isn't a complaint - just a little fine tuning needed - no big deal.And, my knives and forks and spoons each get a little more room - how can that be a bad thing....!Long live silverware segregation!Patrick
Riddled with manufacturing defects.None of the bamboo compartment separators were properly aligned.A nail was exposed where the separator had been affixed but broke off from. Glue adhesive was applied during bamboo deformation causing the bowing of compartments to be irreversible.Truly a terrible facility is producing these and I'm appalled to see Amazon's name on something of such poor quality.
This bamboo expandable utensil holder on first look appears nicely made/sturdy when the expandable edges are not pulled out. The utensil slots are deep enough for two sets of dinner ware and the lengths & widths are good.. BUT, when you expand it, it causes the bamboo to split in the center bottom. This is my second and it has split as well. I had no problem returning the first, and they replaced it promptly. I will not return this on because I believe no matter how many I try, they all will split in the middle due to a thin layer of bamboo for a bottom.If I did not need the extra expanse I would give this produce a 5 because it fulfilled my needs and looks good.
This looks nice and is a good size, but it is not the best quality. It arrived with one of the bottom joints separated, which I just attributed to rough shipping, so I glued that right away before putting it in the drawer. A couple of weeks later, I noticed a split in the wood across the whole bottom. It's still usable, but I'm not sure how long it's going to last. We are using this for flatware and kitchen utensils.Also, I noticed the price has already dropped over $4 since I bought it 🙁
So my first red flag was that I received the two I ordered and they were both damaged. The inside separaters were completely apart. So I ordered replacement items assuming it was a shipment issue. Two new ones arrived, intact, yay! After a couple of weeks of use as silverware holders my knives now slide under the seperaters. Kind of defeats the purpose of having, you know, separation between utensils? I guess it’s time to attempt glue. Very annoying to have to deal with though, and really not worth all the effort. They are terrible quality. If I had to do it over again I wouldn’t purchase them.
This just arrived today and I already have reorganized my silverware drawer. The organizer expands to fit my drawer and the fit is perfect. Make sure you measure first. The organizer is long so make sure you have a large enough drawer. It is exactly what I needed in my kitchen. The organizer is high quality and I'm very pleased with my purchase.

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