The Best Amazon Fire TV Game Controller – 2018

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Compatible with the Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV (not compatibile with Amazon Fire TV Edition smart TVs); Take gaming to the next level - Lets you play hundreds more games on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick than with the included remote; Ergonomic design - Fits naturally in your hands with precise and responsive controls so you can enjoy hours of wireless gaming; Instant voice search – simply speak into the controller to instantly find games, movies, and music, get information, and more; Stereo headphone jack – enjoy your movies, music, and games without distractions (only compatible with Fire TV 2nd generation); Intelligent power management – up to 90 hours of gameplay without headphones on a single set of AA batteries (included)

User reviews

This is a great controller for our Fire TV, I purchased 2 of them, with two problems but let me first talk about the good. The controller works well for most of the games we play on the Fire TV. It has a long range compared to other controllers I’ve tried (solid at 30 feet) and uses WiFi Direct instead of Bluetooth. The feel of it is decent (not too rubbery) and none of the buttons, D-Pad, or sticks have stuck or given us a problem. The microphone on it works as good or better than the one on the Fire TV remote.Now on to the problems. It’s such an issue that I’m not just putting it in the cons section but am going to tell you a bit about it. The worst problem is the battery life! In fact, it’s such a huge problem that I’m taking off 2 stars because of it. This controller eats batteries like nobody’s business. I have tried regular AA batteries (both Duracell and Energizer), expensive AA batteries (both Duracell and Energizer), and rechargeable AA batteries (I’ve tried Energizer, Apple, AmazonBasics). The controller doesn’t drain the batteries completely, nope. That I would understand. Instead, the controller stops working after only a 40% drain. I kid you not. Every set of batteries I have put into this thing has stopped working when there is still 60% battery life left. I have tested each set, before and after, using a generic battery tester as well as an ohm meter.The second problem may not be the controller itself, it may be the Fire TV, but it’s affecting the controller. The controller randomly disconnects. Not often enough for it to be a huge issue but just enough for it to be annoying. I have seen reports of others having the same problem with the controller and the remote. I’m hoping that this issue will be fixed with a firmware update.Pros:* Responsive. This controller is as responsive, if not more, than other controllers I’ve used priced similarly.* Range. It’s rock solid for us even at 30 feet.* Feel. I was expecting it to have a rubbery feel however it’s a nice smooth texture with just enough grip.* Buttons. I hate it when a controller has buttons or a D-Pad that sticks. Luckily this has not been an issue with this controller.* Microphone. I was pleasantly surprised that the mic works as good, if not better, than the mic on the remote.Cons:* Price. For the problems it has it’s not worth the price. The cost in batteries alone, after just 1 month, has already put me over what I paid for the controller themselves.* Battery Life!!! OMGWTF type of issue. See paragraph #2 above.* Connectivity. Again, not enough to b e a huge issue but enough to be annoying.Conclusion:I would not purchase this controller again nor would I recommend it to anyone else at this point. If the problems were fixed, either with a firmware update or by replacement, then I may be inclined to recommend this controller but at this point I am not.
Without an on / off button, I have found that the controller comes on (the light comes on showing it's connected to the FireTV) even when not in use. I am assuming this is why the batteries were draining so quick. Now, I put the remote into a 2nd room when I am not using it and the batteries last a normal lifespan. The light never turns on know when the remote is in the other room.
This is the new-improved version. Original not-in-any-way-improved version still works despite daily abuse for several years. This “better” one broke after about 12 months. Weird security screws mean you can’t repair it. Buy the old one (if you can get it) or a PS controller (which also works with fire TV) instead of this
Great controller, not sure why i waited so long to buy one.
A must have for playing games on the fire tv.
very good I tried it for my androids tv box and its worked
We love this game controller!
This controller work great.

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