The Best Amazon Echo Dot Case (fits Echo Dot 2nd Generation only) – Charcoal Fabric – 2018

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Available in six styles to complement any room; Nylon woven fabric or full-grain leather wrapped case; Designed for a precise fit around your device; Provides access to all ports and buttons and full view of the light ring from any angle; Compatible with Echo Dot 2nd Generation only

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I'm a huge fan of the Echo family. I have two Echo's, three Dots and one Tap. No they aren't essential to my life but I love playing music, listening to the news and controlling the Philips Hue smart lights throughout my home. It was a large investment that most of the population won't make - with that being said I am not a huge fan of the way the hockey puck Dots look like. Glossy plastic looks a little cheap to me although it has no effect on the performance of them. Having the Dot cover is a great option and it looks fantastic.Some reviewers say they look cheap or fit too loose - I'm not sure why people are moving their Dots. Since Dots are made to be stationary, have a loose fitting cover isn't an issue. To me, it fits perfectly. They also aren't made of real fabric, but the important part is that it does look like the fabric in the picture. Not being fabric is a better option considering plastic is much more durable than material and will hold its color better if your Dot happens to get sunlight.I bought three covers - Blue, Grey and White. They all look good but the grey is my favorite as it doesn't attract more attention than it needs to. With that being said, I like all three colors.Edit 07/11/2017 - These covers hold up well over time. Mine haven't collected dust or faded. I've kept them on for over half a year and not a single issue (not that I'd expect any besides possible fading).
Major fan, didn't buy this because of protection, bought it cause it will blend in to my decor. It is not a skin, so it's not skin tight. Yes it's loose but how often will you grab it and move it. Me maybe once every year.
I am thoroughly impressed with my Echo Dot and this case takes it to the next level by appearing as a much higher end product; vs. a nerdy plastic computer sitting on your kitchen countertop. The construction is solid and it is slightly lifted to still allow audio access from the bottom of the Echo. This case/cover will give your Echo the needed extra touch allowing it to blend in, but still offer the great functionality of Alexa.
Like a previous reviewer mentioned it is fabric over hard plastic it is not a snug or tight fit. Good quality though.
My wife and I really like the way it looks. As others have said, it isn't a snug fit and is more like a sleeve than a case.
This is a great outer body sleeve for the Echo Dot. Very well made, has hardbody lining so it's not flimsy at all. Impressed with how nice this looks! It's perfect for my husbands mancave / office space!
This is perfect. A lot of people were commenting that the case falls off and it's not portable. That's not the intended use of the case. It is strictly for decorative use. It look great and comes in several color options. Would definitely purchase again.
Changes the whole look of the Echo ... after i purchased i think i should have gone with the tan leather. But blue is my favorite color and it adds a bit of a pop to a mundane looking black disk! The texture is also really nice feel and look to it!

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