Silicone Stove Counter Gap Cover by Kindga, Easy Clean Gap Filler Sealing Spills Between Kitchen Counter, Appliances ,Stovetop, Oven, Washing Machine, Washer, Dryer Set of 2 (Black)

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Are you annoyed at your Mess & Dirty kitchen? Definitely. Yes,you’re not alone. Tired of cleaning the kitchen. It takes a lot of time to clean the corner, especially extremely hard-to-reach places, just like the gap cover between stove and counter, appliances, desk and microwave oven, etc. Fortunately, our silicone gap covers can solve it, run our troubles. After improved again and again,our new design fill the gap perfectly, and fit modern kitchen well. Premium quality matte top surface, non-tacky, good dustproof performance, touch delicate and smooth; shiny back surface, non-slip, stick well on surface, don’t move often. The kitchen gap cover prevent things such as liquids, sauce, food particles from falling in the tight gap between your stove and the counter. Satisfying, it is easy to clean with a damp cloth, and dishwasher safe. There is no doubt that the silicone gap fillers reduce our cleaning work and makes it easier. Pleased that the silicone stove counter gap covers install easily.Just need to put the “T” to cover the gap,even it is uneven,that also works. And soft silicone,easy to cut to adjust to fit the stove and counter flexibly. Kindga multipurpose silicone gap seals each pack contains 2 pieces. You can use one or both according to your needs.Fill the gap cover in your kitchen appliances, your office desks ,your home drawers,etc. No hesitation,click “ADD TO CART” to order your own gap covers. Cleaning angel, what a cost-effective choice!We guarantee they are long lasting durability, heat-resistance and easy maintenance.If the silicone gap covers do not work normally, you can apply 100% refund after return them back within 30 days.

User reviews

These are a wonderful Kitchen must!!! They keep any crumbs or sauces or any other spills from going between the stove and your counter tops. Really a lifesaver when all you have to do is wipe down the Silicone cover and your done. No more having to move the stove when you spill the sauce removing it from the stove.
I am in love! I know it's silly to be so happy about gap covers but I am. I'm so glad I found these! They work so well. They fit right into that gap between my counter and stove. They are super soft and malleable. I cut them to customize the size. Best purchase ever.
The one spot in the kichen that is probably the hardest to clean is that little gap between stove and countertops because food just falls right down. I love that I don't have that issue anymore! Easy to cut to fit to exact size needed.
It does the job. It fits perfectly in the gaps on both sides of my stove. No more crumbs or drips down in the nowhere spaces!It is extremely flexible and can be cut to size in length or width.
Never had silicone spacers before, was a little skeptical, but they are nice. Cover the area and cling to both stove and counter. Dont think will get crumbs getting under there
Easy to install and can be wiped clean with some wet towel.I ordered the black one, and it matches my range/granite. Blends fine and does the job.
I love these! When they arrived and were folded in half I was a bit unhappy. But, they flattened out with 2 days and are just perfect!
These are so nice and fits perfect on the gap between the stove and cabinet. It keeps things from dripping between the stove.

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